How 'Ant-Man' Costars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly Broke the Ice During Their Awkward Fight Scene

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

In Marvel’s Ant-Man, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne are ultimately fighting on the same team. But in an early scene when Hope is training the budding superhero Scott, she pretty much beats him to a pulp. The fisticuffs lead to some physical entanglement, and a highly memorable experience for both actors.

“I distinctly remember Paul’s face in my crotch — that’s what I remember the most” Lilly told us in the video above when the Ant-Man cast dropped by Yahoo studios last week. “We’re talking about the scene of course,” Rudd clarified.

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Rudd, whose Lang is recruited by Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym to don a crimefighting suit that shrinks him down to the size of an insect, revealed how he broke the ice during the pair’s more intimate interactions. “What’s Sawyer like?” Rudd asked the Lost alum Lilly, in reference to the rugged ex-con played by Josh Holloway on ABC’s beloved sci-fi adventure series.

“It was so uncomfortable and strange for both of us, that it seemed like the right time to ask questions about Lost,” Rudd explained. Unlike some of the plotlines in Lost, that makes total sense to us.

Ant-Man opens everywhere July 17. Watch the trailer: