Ant-Man’s Corpse Shown Off in Footage From Deadpool and Wolverine

Ant-Man is not doing so well. In this footage from Deadpool and Wolverine, shown below, he’s now a corpse.

Inside his fully intact but rather dusty suit lies the skeleton of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd). We saw a glimpse of it in the last Deadpool and Wolverine trailer, as the film’s villains emerge out of Ant-Man’s skinless jaw, but here we get our best look yet.

The angle reveals Ant-Man’s entire upper torso, which appears to be bursting through a hole in the desert. It’s not clear how he died - maybe this is an alternate universe where Ant-Man is bad at his job, or maybe it’s a universe set decades into the future and he simply died of old age.



“Paul Rudd finally aged,” quips Deadpool, suggesting it’s the latter. The wasteland setting looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic planet after it befell a world-ending scenario that not even Ant-Man could avert.

OK, technically it’s not Ant-Man, it’s Giant Man. That’s the proper name for Ant-Man when he hits the ‘go big’ button. But maybe he should have stayed small, because being a giant hasn’t worked out well for him.

Hopefully Deadpool and Wolverine can find a way to bring him back. That dimensional portal they jump through in the trailer might have something to do with it.

Did you know Vinnie Jones was asked to cameo in Deadpool and Wolverine?

Deadpool and Wolverine clip