Another Double Elimination on 'The Challenge: All Stars' Season 4 Leads One Player to Throw Themselves into Elimination

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TJ Lavin poses during the daily challenge in 'The Challenge: All Stars' Season 4 Episode 6

This week on The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 saw another double elimination having contestants scrambling for seats of safety. Cara Maria continued her revenge tour, attempting to strong-arm the others into sending in fellow star-holders. Laurel and Nicole's complicated dynamic took another turn. But that's not the only twist Nicole had up her sleeve, as she unleashed a surprise to everybody at elimination.

Check out more information about this week's episode below and find out who was eliminated.

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Who was eliminated on The Challenge: All Stars this week?

Kefla Hare

Kefla is truly a relic of a time gone by, having competed and won on, as he put it, a " memory in a chopped up beta version of The Challenge." And so he was understandably nervous coming in after 25 years to a show where everyone else knew each other. Fortunately, he endeared himself quickly to people, and showed his prowess when he won a tough physical elimination. It wasn't long, though, before Kefla was thrown in again against fellow star-holder Steve. Despite Kefla having the size advantage, Steve's wrestling experience combined with Kefla's sustained injury ended his return appearance.

Jasmine Reynaud

Jasmine came into her sixth season looking to play the game she's watched others play while she sat on the sideline. As a result, she had created a web of various alliances and people protecting her. And she helped helm the biggest move of the season in putting Cara Maria and Rachel against each other. That had Cara out for revenge, giving Jasmine a star to put a target on her. And she was able to strongarm a few key people to put Jasmine and Veronica in against each other and protect her own star. Everyone was thrown for a loop, though, when Nicole decided to put herself in to try to win a star for herself. Though she initially chose Veronica, the three-time winner was able to persuade Nicole to change her mind in the moment. And so Jasmine was forced back down and out of the competition when Nicole overpowered her.

Who won the daily challenge on The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 this week?

This week's daily had the all stars sprinting around a stadium as part of a game of high-stakes musical chairs. In the end, Ace and Nicole were the pair to finish first. And Nicole took advantage of the position to throw herself into elimination in Veronica's place.

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Were any stars stolen on The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 this week?

Yes! Steve won Kefla's star. But since he already had a star, he gave it to Ace, commending him for his performance in the daily. Nicole, meanwhile, won Jasmine's star when she threw herself into elimination and beat her.

Who's left in the game on The Challenge: All Stars Season 4?

Ace Amerson

Adam Larson

Averey Tressler

Brad Fiorenza

Cara Maria Sorbello

Derek Chavez

Flora Alekseyeun

Jay Mitchell

Kam Williams

Laurel Stucky

Leroy Garrett

Nicole Zanatta

Ryan Kehoe

Steve Meinke

Tina Barta

Veronica Portillo

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