Another Betty White Death Hoax: Twitter Users Get Angry About Being Fooled Again

Betty White is now 97-years-old and still going strong. However, the Internet has her dying and rising back from the dead many times, at least once per year. The poor woman has been dead and has come back to life more times than we can count.

According to Hollywood Life, one Twitter user took to Twitter to say that it was time for his mom's annual tradition to think, and for everyone else to think as well, that Betty White had passed away, yet again. No, according to White's rep, she is alive and still being spry as ever.

It was all started by the fake news website, when they wrote and published a fake report with the title; "Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully in her Los Angeles Home"


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In fact, it is such a hoax that if you actually pay attention to the spelling of the title and the fact that the screenshot is actually four years old when she was 93 and is now 97, everyone would have realized it wasn't true at all.

But, Internet readers don't really pay a lot of attention to things like that since they just skim titles and articles instead of reading them all the way through.

Many Twitter users were horrified to think that their beloved 'Golden Girls' actress was actually gone. They all took to Twitter to verify it and were fooled once again. There were some angry users on Twitter leaving their honest comments about yet, another death hoax about White.

CBS News ignored the fact about the obvious type in the title, "Dyes" and the also obvious fact that the screenshot was from four years ago and they have deemed the site, fake news. However, the website does have a disclaimer on it stating:

"Our website and social media content uses only fictional names, except in cases of public figures and celebrity parody or satirization.’”

So, the whole website is one big playground for online trolls. This is the kind of site that makes online users freak out if they don't actually pay attention to headlines and dates, and they normally don't because we now live in a fast-paced digital age.

Yes, famous actress, Betty White is still alive and kicking butt. In fact, she celebrated her 97th birthday on January 17 of this year. And, with how strong the actress really is, she will most likely see 98.

According to TMZ, she was seen celebrating her most recent birthday playing poker with some friends of hers. In fact, it was stated that Betty was feeling great and "happy as ever." She was even seen out and about before her birthday in Beverly Hills looking joyous, spry, and energetic as she has ever been,

But, what is the secret to her long life? According to Betty, Vodka and hot dogs. "and probably in that order."

We're glad Betty White is, indeed, not dead this time and hope she has many more wonderful birthdays to come!

What do you think about all of the celebrity death hoaxes?