Anoeses x DRESSX Deliver Metasensual Collaboration

Anoeses has teamed up with DRESSX to present a collection of digital outfits that transcend the physical realm.

In the brand's signature fetish-forward aesthetic, the assortment of futuristic garments push the envelope, delivering truly avant-garde pieces reflective of an uninhibited imagination. "We've joined our creative forces with DRESSX to create something new from the different prospective of design and push our own limits of imagination. This time we've challenged ourselves on another level -- the level of metaverse," Anoeses co-founder Konstyantyn Savvopulo shares in an exclusive press release.

Offering liquid garments and chest-baring form-fitting dresses, the collection pushes typically hidden erotic fantasies to the forefront, tapping into our most base, physical desires. Other standouts include asymmetrical bodysuits, complete with matching headwear, alongside sultry catsuits adorned with laces from top to bottom.

Available for fitting, the assortment of garments stretch our conception of clothing as Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, co-founders at DRESSX, remark, "We truly believe that the virtual realm can open up a new world of opportunities for people to experiment with their looks and explore their own personality. Having Anoeses entering the digital space means bringing new aesthetics and opening up new dimensions of self-expression in the metaverse."

Take a look at Anoeses x DRESSX's collection in the gallery above. With prices ranging from $40 to $60 USD, the digital clothing collaboration is available on DRESSX's website as well as Anoeses' online store.