Annemarie Wiley Slams ‘Fake Woke Pathological Liar’ Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff on Watch What Happens Live
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Annemarie Wiley’s departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t come as a shock to many people. Even some of Annemarie’s costars are likely glad to see her get the boot, with Crystal Kung Minkoff a candidate.

The former RHOBH star announced her departure from the show on March 21. The wording of her announcement indicated that it was not her choice to leave. While that must’ve been hard for Annemarie, many fans were glad to wave her goodbye. See, Annemarie really found herself on the wrong side of history during Season 13.

When Sutton Stracke’s esophagus became a point of discussion, Annemarie took it upon herself to question Sutton’s condition. The interrogation didn’t sit right with anybody, especially Crystal. The two Housewives were at each other’s throats from then on out. So, where do they stand now? Take a guess.

Annemarie shades Crystal for her “superiority complex”

Annemarie Wiley via Instagram Stories
Photo Credit: @annemariewiley via Instagram

During a Q&A with fans on her Instagram Stories, Annemarie received the question: “What is your current friendship status with Crystal?” Annemarie answered, “Non existent. She’s a fake woke pathological liar with a superiority complex. I don’t do toxicity in my real life. Respectfully.” She wrote on, “No idea how she continues to get away with it,” along with a shrugging emoji. The response has now disappeared, but was posted to Reddit.

Those who watched RHOBH Season 13 would no doubt understand why Annemarie and Crystal had issues with each other. When Annemarie began questioning Sutton’s condition, she joined in the implication that the longtime Housewife had an eating disorder. Crystal didn’t take kindly to this considering her honesty about her own eating disorder.

This snowballed into a pretty cringey feud with Annemarie attempting to target Crystal repeatedly. Her response to the Instagram user throws back to the multiple times Annemarie pointed out that Crystal saw herself as smarter than her costars. Even though Crystal had taken a jab at the other Housewives in 2020, she felt she’d evolved since then and didn’t appreciate the past being held over her like that.

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