Anne Hathaway Just Shared That She's 5 Years Sober

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Anne Hathaway On Being 5 Years SoberManoli Figetakis - Getty Images
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Anne Hathaway is opening up about a personal milestone: She's over five years sober.

The actress, who is starring in Prime Video's new romantic comedy The Idea of You, shared that she's proud of the accomplishment in a New York Times profile published April 29.

When asked what she thinks about being middle-aged, Anne replied, "There are so many other things I identify as milestones. I don't normally talk about it, but I am over five years sober. That feels like a milestone to me."

"Forty feels like a gift," she added. "The fact of the matter is I hesitate at calling things 'middle age,' simply because I can be a semantic stickler and I could get hit by a car later today. We don’t know if this is middle age. We don’t know anything."

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This isn’t the first time Anne has spoken out about her sobriety. Here’s what she’s shared about her journey with alcohol.

Anne first revealed her sobriety in 2019.

Five years ago, Anne shared that she stopped drinking after a night of partying with Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, while shooting their 2019 thriller film Serenity.

"We drank the night away, and then I had to go to a meeting with Steven Knight, our director, the next day, and I was just kinda stumbling in with one eye open, and I was trying to convince him about certain things about my character," she shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "And at the end of it, I said, 'Listen, I have a confession. I was hungover the entire time.' And he just goes, 'Oh, really? I couldn't tell.'"

"Then two days later, we had another meeting, and I showed up and he said, 'Oh, now I can tell,'" she added.

She’s sober for her kids.

During the talk show appearance, the actress explained that she decided to give up alcohol because of her kids. The actress shares two sons—Jonathan, 7, and Jack, 4—with husband Adam Shulman.

"I’m going to stop drinking while my son's living in my house, just because I don't totally love the way I do it, and he's getting to an age where he really does need me all the time," she explained.

Plus, doing morning runs to school while hungover wasn't exactly fun for her, she added.

Anne reiterated her stance a few months later, adding that she didn't quit because she had a drinking "problem."

"I didn’t put [a drink] down because my drinking was a problem; I put it down because the way I drink leads me to have hangovers and those were the problem,” she told Modern Luxury in 2019, per ET. “My last hangover lasted for five days. When I’m at a stage in my life where there is enough space for me to have a hangover, I’ll start drinking again, but that won’t be until my kid is out of the house."

Anne has said it’s not a “moralistic stance.”

In the same interview, Anne explained that she doesn’t judge people who drink. “I don't think drinking is bad. It's just the way I do it—which I personally think is really fun and awesome—is just not the kind of fun and awesome that goes with having a child for me,” she told Modern Luxury. “But this isn't a moralistic stance."

Anne has become "gentler" thanks to her sobriety, telling Vanity Fair in March that alcohol was “wallowing fuel” for her. “I knew, deep down, it wasn't for me,” she said. “And it just felt so extreme to have to say, 'But none?' But none. If you're allergic to something or have an anaphylactic reaction to something, you don't argue with it. So I stopped arguing with it.”

Now, she just enjoys the camaraderie from people around her. “The thing that I have faith in is that everybody else is going to have one or two drinks, and by the time everybody gets to two drinks, you'll feel like you've had two drinks—but without the hangover,” she added.

Congrats, Anne!

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