Anna Delvey Tells All: Life After Prison, Inventing Anna and the Celeb She Wants to Portray Her

When it comes to her career, Anna Delvey isn't inventing anything. She really is a working artist.

Almost 10 months after her life story—which included infiltrating New York's elite and allegedly conning them into giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund her luxurious lifestyle—captivated audiences in Netflix's Inventing Anna, the fake heiress is already on to her next act. Anna, also known as Anna Sorokin, has found herself at the heart of Miami's art scene—via Zoom, of course—with one of her works, "Prowling in Prada," already selling for $15,000. She hopes to continue this success through a Dec. 3 Miami Art Week event, "The House (arrest) Party," in which several of her works will be featured.

But it's not just the art world that Anna has her sights set on, as she exclusively told E! News' Francesca Amiker that she's producing her own "merch line" and has a potential TV show in the works.

Of course, she has a lot of rich material to work with. Anna first made headlines in Jessica Pressler's 2018 New York magazine article, "Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It," which detailed Anna's penetration into New York's society scene, fraudulent acts and subsequent arrest. In April 2019, Anna was convicted of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree and theft of services. However, she was found not guilty on two additional charges.

The Russia-born, German raised New Yorker was released on parole in February 2021, but was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in March for overstaying her visa. In October 2022, Anna was released, but required to be placed under house arrest and to wear an ankle monitor—hence while she'll be attending her Miami event through Zoom.

"It feels great to like have the support of the collectors and the art community," Anna said. "I've had a great journey. I started doing my art when I launched my prints earlier this year. So this is kind of like the next chapter."

She painted quite the picture in her chat with E! News.

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E! News: Who would you love to make art for?

Anna Delvey: I just make art for myself and I'm just reflecting what I'm going through. But I get approached by all kinds of people, so.

E!: Any celebrity fans?

AD: Obviously, Julia Fox, she has a couple of my pieces.

E!: What was Julia's reaction to receiving your artwork?

AD: Julia's very sweet. She's been so very supportive and I really appreciate all the good things that she said about me.

E!: What was the first luxurious thing that you did when you when you were released from prison?

AD: I got some good sushi.

E!: Any other indulgences?

AD: Oh, my skincare. I'm not much into makeup, but I love like good products. So I stocked up on that, 'cause I was only using like cocoa butter and just like some moisturizers in jail.

Anna Delvey, Artwork
courtesy of The Locker Room gallery

E!: How have you changed up your clothing since your release?

AD: I'm kind of trying to still find something new, so I don't want to do the same thing that I did 10 years ago. I only get to come out, like, once a week, so I'm trying to make the best out of it.

E!: Can you elaborate?

AD: I'm just trying not to wear as much black as I used to. I'm just at home and trying to see what new designers are out there and just kind of give platforms to new voices.

E!: Are there trends that you absolutely are dying to try out? Or are you eager to create your own?

AD: I'm actually working on my own merch line. I'm starting off with some T-shirts and crop tops and hoodies, and I'm actually actively designing right now.

E!: Have you made any new friends in New York since being released?

AD: I have people coming over all the time. I'm working on my own podcast. I just had I just dropped an episode with Whitney Cummings, actually. She's so very sweet.

Anna Delvey
Mike Coppola/AD/Getty Images for ABA

E!: How are you forming these relationships?

AD: Mostly people reach out on their own, to the email that I have. It goes to a publicist because I don't have social media. Hopefully I'm going to get it back soon.

E!: What relationships are you focusing on in your personal life now that you're out?

AD: I have so much going on. I just kind of work nonstop. I'm in touch with my parents, but they are in Europe.

E!: Are you interested in rekindling any friendship viewers have seen play out on Inventing Anna?

AD: A little bit, yeah. I had dinner with Jessica Pressler the other week. Todd [Spodek] came by just this Monday actually. Neff [Davis] is in L.A. Otherwise, no, not really.

E!: Are you dating anyone?

AD: I'm not dating anybody.

E!: What are you looking for in a partner?

AD: I really like somebody who makes me laugh. He has to have some sense of humor.

E!: You've said that you've been approached to turn your VIP dinner parties into a real show. Has there been any progress on that?

AD: I'm actually actively working on. Like right now. I have a bunch of calls later today, so you guys are going to definitely hear about it.

E!: Are you interested in watching true crime shows?

AD: I've had enough of crime in my life. So I don't need to watch it anymore. I've been in jail for a long time now.

E!: Do you think there should be an Inventing Anna season two, following your life after release?

AD: The season one was based on an article that Jessica wrote for New York magazine, and that's just like that's not even from my perspective, so I don't know. I wouldn't even know how it would be structured unless somebody writes something else. But I would love to have control over my story. Having things being kind of twisted and dramatized, I mean, I know how to take it but people just take everything at its face value and see this is as documentary, which it's not.

E!: Did you ever meet Julia Garner in real life?

AD: Yes. She came to visit me while I was Upstate.

Julia Garner, Anna Delvey, Inventing Anna
NICOLE RIVELLI/NETFLIX, Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images for ABA

E!: What was the visit like?

AD: She was very sweet. She actually came with Jessica and somebody from her team. And we just kind of had the chat. She did give me an example of like her accent.

E!: What'd you think of the accent?

AD: I guess she was working off of me earlier, because I don't speak like that anymore. I've been in the states for such a long time and I haven't left. But I guess back in 2016, 2017, I was still traveling a lot, and my accent was stronger.

E!: What did you think of her portrayal in Inventing Anna?

AD: I haven't watched it. I watched, like, half an hour.

E!: So you don't plan on ever watching it?

AD: Never say never. There's so much to watch that I would love to catch up on. And I know the story.

E!: What was the most outrageous thing that Netflix may have gotten wrong about your life?

AD: I don't even know because I didn't watch everything, but maybe the whole yacht thing or me just overdosing on some medication. That never happened, in Malibu.

E!: What do you think of the "I don't have time for this" line from the series? Did you ever really say it?

AD: I'm sure. I say it all the time still. I don't think I'm the one that came up with that, people say it all the time.

E!: Are you interested in having your own docuseries or documentary one day?

AD: Eventually, yeah. I feel like I'm going through so much. And even now, being on house arrest. I get all kinds of offers, so I see what the best thing would be. No reality shows.

E!: Who would you want to play you in a film adaptation of your life?

AD: It would depend which era the film would be focused on I guess. Right now? Jennifer Lawrence would be a good choice.

(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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