Anna Delvey Says Inventing Anna 's Julia Garner Visited Her in Prison: 'She Is a Very Sweet Girl'

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix; TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Julia Garner and Anna Delvey

Anna Delvey has nothing but praise for her onscreen counterpart, Julia Garner.

Delvey — who is the subject of Netflix's hit new series, Inventing Anna — appeared on the Friday episode of Forbidden Fruits, a podcast hosted by Julia Fox and Niki Takesh. Delvey is currently in ICE detention for overstaying her visa, and called into the podcast from Orange County Jail, where she opened up about her working relationship with Garner, 28.

"She was very nice," Delvey — a.k.a. Anna Sorokin — said of Garner. "She came to see me … and she is a very sweet girl."

Delvey, 31, stated she and Garner only had one meeting together, during which she asked the actress to try out her infamous accent.

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"It's just so weird, because the way you hear yourself — like your voice is just completely different when you hear yourself on TV," she explained.

Anna Sorokin fake heiress
Anna Sorokin fake heiress


Fox, 32, chimed in to say that she would only rate Garner's impression of Delvey as a six out of 10, telling her guest, "She did a little too much. Yours is a little more subtle. She really dove into the accent."

But Delvey jumped into defend Garner, saying, "She was portraying me from like, 2015, 2016, 2017. So now I've spent the past four years just in the States. I was surrounded by Americans so maybe my accent was different."

She continued, "I barely even speak German these days. All I speak is English. Back in the day, I would speak French, German, English on a daily basis."

Delvey was released from prison about a year ago, but landed back in jail under ICE detention. She gained notoriety after posing as a wealthy German heiress while living in New York City between 2013 and 2017, during which she shared circles with celebrities and powerful members of New York society.

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During her time in the city, Delvey defrauded people, banks, and hotels before being arrested in 2017. She was released from prison in 2021 for good behavior, and was taken into custody by ICE shortly after her release for violating the terms of her visa. She now faces deportation back to Germany.

Inventing Anna
Inventing Anna

Aaron Epstein/Netflix

Delvey's story is at the center of Inventing Anna, but she said before the show premiered on Netflix last month that she would not watch it.

Garner responded to Delvey's comments in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, telling the outlet she understood Delvey's choice not to watch Inventing Anna.

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"I respect whatever Anna does in terms of whether she wants to watch the show or doesn't want to watch the show," the actress said. "That's her choice and that's totally fine. She doesn't have to watch the show."

"I never made the show in anticipation, thinking that she's going to watch it. If she did watch it, great. If not, that's fine, too. I respect whatever she wants to do," Garner added.