Animal Nonprofit Looking to Reunite Sergeant with Cat He Bonded with While Serving Overseas

"This sweet cat cannot be left behind," Robert Misseri, the co-founder of Paws of War, said in a statement

<p>courtesy Paws of War </p>

courtesy Paws of War

An animal nonprofit is looking to reunite a sergeant with a cat he bonded with while serving overseas.

According to a press release obtained by PEOPLE from Paws of War, Staff Sergeant Morales — a flight paramedic deployed in the Middle East, who rescues injured soldiers from dangerous areas — and his team came across and bonded with a cat they named Tuna, who gave birth to three kittens before dying suddenly.

After taking care of the feline's offspring, Paws of War said two of the cats were able to find homes, while the third cat, Frankie, described as being "the runt of the litter," remains overseas.

Paws of War has now made it their mission to rescue Frankie and bring him to a loving home with Sergeant Morales, who, according to the organization, resides in Massachusetts.

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<p>courtesy Paws of War </p>

courtesy Paws of War

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“Having these cats around has really been a morale boost. There is constant pressure with our job, and when we get a call, we know we have to be mentally and physically prepared for what we are about to experience,” Sergeant Morales said in a statement.

He added, “We have to be there for the soldiers on their worst days. I didn't think cats would change my life on this base, but they certainly have been a game changer.”

In his own statement, Robert Misseri, the co-founder of Paws of War, said, "This sweet cat cannot be left behind. We have to get her out of harms way so she can be reunited with her soldier when he returns from his deployment."

“We will do everything we can to get her safely to the soldier's home, but we can’t do it without the help of people in the community," he continued. "This is a team effort.”

<p>courtesy Paws of War </p>

courtesy Paws of War

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Paws of War is a nonprofit charitable organization that "assists military members and their pets, rescues and trains dogs to be service dogs, and provides companion animals to veterans and first responders," according to the release.

Those wishing to donate to Paws of Wars' mission to bring Frankie to the United States can do so here.

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