Angry TikTokers are disavowing Miranda Lambert, with one woman ripping up her tickets, after the singer scolded fans for taking a photo during her show

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  • Videos of Miranda Lambert scolding a group of women for taking a picture during her concert have gone viral.

  • Numerous TikTokers have made videos responding to (and criticizing) Lambert's harsh conduct.

  • Some users, however, noted the rebuked fans could have chosen a better time to take their photos.

The country singer Miranda Lambert is receiving a ton of criticism — and some conflicted support — from fans and TikTokers after she was recorded scolding a group of women for taking a picture during her concert. One person filmed herself ripping up tickets purporting to be for a previous or forthcoming show.

Multiple angles taken of the contentious moment at the concert, which took place on Saturday in Las Vegas, have been circulating and going viral this week. The clips show Lambert stopping the performance in the middle of her song "Tin Man" and addressing a group of fans sitting near the front who had been trying to take a picture.

"These girls are worried about their selfie and not listening to the song, it's pissing me off a little bit," Lambert said as the crowd cheered.


"Sorry, I don't like it at all," she added. "We're here to hear some country music tonight."

Lambert's disparagement of the fans has sparked a storm of backlash, both in public posts and TikTok videos. Multiple TikTokers have made lengthy videos dissecting the moment and discussing who should be at fault. Unanimously — among self-proclaimed Lambert fans — people believed the singer overreacted.

One of the more popular reaction videos, with over 1.3 million views, called Lambert's actions "tacky." User @brett_44 said she felt "sad" for the group of women because many people "already have social anxiety" at these public events, and she imagined it would have made them feel awful being called out in front of so many people.

@brett_44 @Miranda Lambert Went from being someone i idolized to someone i never want to be like . So disappointed in her and so sad for those girls. I saw Miranda when i was 18 years old in orange beach , had seats in the very back , but hust felt grateful and excited to be in the same environment as her . Took so many pictures and videos because i wanted to remember that night forever . I would have done anything to have front row seats, but given how she treated those girls i doubt i ever pay for a seat at her show again. #mirandalambert #countrymusic #viral #alabama #music #orangebeach #disappointment ♬ original sound - brett_44

"I can't imagine how embarrassed they had to be," @brett_44 said. "I mean, she literally stopped an entire show and just, like, basically called them out and embarrassed them in front of everybody."

The poster said she used to idolize Lambert and had been so thrilled when she saw the singer perform when she was 18; she said she took "so many pictures and videos" that night because she wanted to remember it forever. But now, she's completely turned off by Lambert's conduct.

"Personally, if I was those girls, I honestly would never pay to see you again," she said.

Another woman, @ace.high.ash, made a similar video saying she attended a previous Lambert concert with her friends and her mom, and that they were over the moon just to be able to share the moment together.

"Imagine what those girls feel like that they actually got to see you, and you got to see them, but instead of thanking them, or saying something sweet about how much they spent to come see you, you say that," the TikToker said, adding that it's common etiquette to take pictures if you have great seats like they did.

The poster addressed Lambert directly — and claimed that her mother played softball with Lambert when she was younger — and urged her to apologize to the women she scolded.

"I guarantee their dreams are crushed right now and they're very hurt," she said at the end of the clip.

Another TikToker also criticized Lambert by asking rhetorically if her success was handed to her "on a silver platter" or if she had to struggle to build her fanbase "like every other musician had to do."

"I'm sorry, your highness, that we don't have our eyes laser-focused on you," the TikToker @petroni.pov said in his video. "By the way, that song 'Tin Man' sucks, I always skip it."

TikToker @aroseslimes filmed herself appearing to angrily rip up concert tickets in response to the celebrity's behavior. "Guess what??? We dont' wanna see Miranda Lambert! If that's how she treats her fans," on-screen text read.

While a majority of social media posts stand vocally against Lambert's decorum, at least one popular TikTok took the singer's side. In @jamiek721's video, the TikToker said she had attended a Lambert concert at the same venue in Las Vegas the weekend before, and knew exactly where the rebuked fans were sitting.

The woman said she felt the group chose to take photos — and with flash — at the wrong time, in the middle of "Tin Man," which is a slow, subdued ballad.

"This was the opportunity that those ladies decided they were going to do their selfie," @jamiek721 said. "The house lights are down, and to have a big flash come in in the middle of her singing 'Tin Man' is tacky AF. I might get some slack on this, but whatever."

The TikToker said Lambert probably didn't handle it the best way, but she gave her the benefit of the doubt.

"Maybe she had a bad day, who knows. It's Vegas, right?" the woman said. "There were a million other opportunities for them to take a selfie."

One of the women who was called out by Lambert, the 43-year-old Adela Calin, has since spoken out about the non-infamous moment. She told NBC News on Monday that they were a group of 30-to-60-year-old women, and they had been waiting to take a photo, but the lighting was bad for much of the set, that they finally seized the opportunity toward the end of the concert.

Calin believed the singer intended to make her and her friends feel and look bad.

"It felt like I was back at school with the teacher scolding me for doing something wrong and telling me to sit down back in my place," Calin told the outlet. "I feel like she was determined to make us look like we were young, immature and vain."


The backlash has gone so viral online that it's even spawned memes where TikTokers are making satirical videos pretending to be Lambert criticizing fans for "breathing," or editing these recent viral clips with ones of Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani posing and interacting with fans during their shows.

Insider has reached out to Lambert and her team for comment.

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