Angels Fall Sometimes Ep 18 – 19 Trailer: Lin Yi Is Rushed to the Hospital

Lin Yi puts his hand on Landy Li's shoulder in the still from Angels Fall Sometimes
Landy Li and Lin Yi (Photo Credit: Tencent Video)
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Ongoing C-drama Angels Fall Sometimes, starring Lin Yi and Landy Li in the leading roles, has released a trailer teasing the upcoming episodes 18 and 19. The trailer shows Zhi Que (Landy Li) finding out about Lin Tuo (Lin Yi)’s disability. Lin Tuo sees Zhi Que from afar and contemplates telling her about his nerve disease. He does not want to put Zhi Que in an awkward position.

If she chooses to be with him, he will be a burden on her. On the other hand, she might feel guilty about leaving him behind. In the end, he decides to keep it to himself.

Angels Fall Sometimes ep 18 – 19 trailer shows Landy Li finding out about Lin Yi’s condition

Lin Tuo’s condition worsens. He falls down in his apartment and is unable to get back up. Guang Pu (Sun Tian Yu) finds him lying on the floor and rushes him to the hospital.

One of Zhe Que’s friends sees Guang Pu pushing Lin Tuo in a wheelchair and sends her the photo. Zhe Que’s mind goes blank, and she rushes to see Lin Tuo. She yells at Lin Tuo for keeping her in the dark and asks him if this is the reason for breaking up. She pulls Lin Tuo to force him to stand up, but his hand falls as if Tuo has no control over it. Zhe Que understands the severity of the situation.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Angels Fall Sometimes tells the story of Lin Tuo’s struggle with a nerve disease that disables him from conducting daily tasks. The director of the drama is Zhu Dong Ning, and Cheng Xiao Mao and Cheng Meng Yan have written it.

Angels Fall Sometimes airs all seven days a week and is available to stream on Tencent Video, WeTV, and iQIYI.

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