Andy Serkis Breaks Silence on ‘The Last Jedi’ Snoke Twist: ‘It Felt Absolutely Right’

[Editor’s Note: Spoilers for “The Last Jedi” follow.]

Andy Serkis is finally weighing in on the controversial Snoke twist that upset many “Star Wars” fans when “The Last Jedi” was released last December. Some of the backlash that met the Rian Johnson-directed sequel centered around the shocking death of Supreme Leader Snoke at the hands of Kylo Ren. Many fans had thought Snoke would play a much larger role in the new trilogy after his cryptic introduction in “The Force Awakens.” Theories about Snoke’s real identity were some of the most popular online in the two years between “Force” and “The Last Jedi.”

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Alas, Snoke was just a one-note villain whose big dramatic purpose in the narrative was simply to be killed by his student. The moment provided “The Last Jedi” with one of its biggest twists and a majority of fans weren’t too thrilled about it. Serkis, however, stands by Johnson’s decision to kill the character off, telling /Film the twist was “absolutely right” for where the story needed to go. The actor also made it clear that he isn’t too sure we’ve seen the last of his Supreme Leader.

“Look, it’s ‘Star Wars’, so you never know how life, or whether life can be come back to or not,” Serkis said, surely sparking the curiosity of many “Star Wars” fans. “Whether you can be resuscitated or brought back. I was shocked. Dramatically, it felt absolutely right for that moment in the film, so I didn’t question it. I just think it’s a very, very important scene, so I didn’t question it. But I do, I know it’s left fans feeling like, that they were really searching for something there. And what I’m saying is, who knows?”

“Star Wars” is known to bring back characters from the dead from time to time. Anyone who saw “The Last Jedi” was probably delighted to see the ghost of Yoda appear to Luke Skywalker, for instance. Will the ghost of Supreme Leader Snoke haunt Kylo Ren in the third movie? Serkis seems to be leaving his involvement with the franchise open to any possibility.

Serkis can next be seen as Ulysses Klaue in “Black Panther,” in theaters February 16. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is now playing in theaters. The third and final film in the trilogy will be directed by J.J. Abrams and will hit theaters in 2019.

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