Andy Samberg Turns 38: ‘I’m Not Walking Around Rapping About D***s All the Time’

Andy Samberg is two years away from the big 4-0! The actor turns 38 on Thursday, a month ahead of the fourth season premiere of his Fox series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and three months after his big-screen comedy Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping faded away.

Even though Popstar came and went, Samberg’s work on Saturday Night Live is firmly cemented in pop culture lore. His seven years on the long-running sketch comedy series made his career, with portrayals of Mark Wahlberg and Mark Zuckerberg, and musically minded digital shorts like Dick in a Box and Great Day.

Fans regularly praise various Lonely Island sketches to Samberg, but as the actor recently told Playboy , those audience favorites aren’t representative of his true self. “People who know my actual personality know I’m not walking around rapping about dicks all the time,” he said.

Samberg insists that he’s instead focused on his oeuvre: “Everything from this point on is about what I want my career to look like. When it’s over, I want to stand by all the things I’ve made.”

With that in mind, here’s a roundup of some of the birthday boy’s wacky, inventive and memorable SNL digital shorts.

Lazy Sunday (Season 31, 2005)

Laser Cats, the Musical (Season 36, 2011)

Great Day (Season 35, 2010)

When Will the Bass Drop? (Season 39, 2014)

3-Way (The Golden Rule) (Season 36, 2011)

On the Ground (Season 35, 2009)

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