Andy Samberg tells kid interviewers who he thinks would win if Chip and Dale fought Alvin and the Chipmunks

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers star Andy Samberg plays "Is It Cake?" with kid interviewers Lyla and Luna and tells them why he enjoyed playing a chipmunk. He also weighs in on who would win if Chip and Dale took on Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Video Transcript

LYLA POLOWY: Hi, I'm Lyla.

LUNA POLOWY: Hi, I'm Luna.

LYLA POLOWY: And our dad works at Yahoo, where he interviews celebrities.

LUNA POLOWY: And now it's our turn.

LYLA POLOWY: Today we're talking to Andy Samberg. He plays Dale in "Chip and Dale".

LUNA POLOWY: We should watch "Is It Cake?" after this.


We loved your movie.


LYLA POLOWY: Dad loved it, too. He was laughing so hard, we thought he was going to pee his pants.

KEVIN POLOWY: I didn't pee my pants, for the record.

ANDY SAMBERG: I was going to ask. Thank you for clarifying.

LYLA POLOWY: What did you like about playing this crazy chipmunk?

ANDY SAMBERG: I liked a lot of things about it. I like that he's so silly. I like that he changed the way he looks. I thought that was really funny. I like that he was up for going on an adventure. And I liked a lot of the jokes in the script. I just love telling jokes, so this was right in my wheelhouse.

LUNA POLOWY: Do you know the "Is It Cake?" guy?

KEVIN POLOWY: Mikey Day, the "Is It Cake?" guy.

ANDY SAMBERG: Oh, "Is It Cake?" Oh, yeah, I've met Mikey a few times, when I've gone and visited him at SNL. I have not seen "Is It Cake?" But I'm assuming it's really good.

LUNA POLOWY: It would be cooler if you were best friends with the "Is It Cake?" guy. Just saying.

- OK.

LYLA POLOWY: Who would win in a fight to death? Chip and Dale, or Alvin and the Chipmunks?

ANDY SAMBERG: Oh, Chip and Dale would definitely win.

LYLA POLOWY: How would you kill Alvin and the Chipmunks?

ANDY SAMBERG: By exploding them with my mind.

LYLA POLOWY: I can't believe you killed Alvin and the Chipmunks!

ANDY SAMBERG: I did what you asked! You put this on me! I don't have any remorse about it. We were all complicit in this.

LYLA POLOWY: Daddy said you're a lonely island?

ANDY SAMBERG: I'm in a group called The Lonely Island. But we're not very lonely, we're three friends. It's a strange name for what we actually are.

LUNA POLOWY: "Is It Cake?" guy like "Chip and Dale"?

ANDY SAMBERG: I don't know, I'd have to ask him. I feel like you're very into "Is It Cake?" right now. Is that accurate?

- Not cake!

LYLA POLOWY: I drew you on a lonely island.

ANDY SAMBERG: Oh, that's wonderful. It says I'm lonely. That's my name. I like how you broke up the last name so it seems like three names. I love it. I like that the island I'm on kind of looks like the moon, or like cheese or something.

LYLA POLOWY: What's it like being married to Selena Gomez?

KEVIN POLOWY: Your "Hotel Transylvania" wife, Selena Gomez.

ANDY SAMBERG: I'm not married to Selena Gomez, but I imagine it would be great. She's a wonderful person. I've met her before, and she's really nice.

LYLA POLOWY: We interviewed Selena Gomez once.

- Hi, Selena!

SELENA GOMEZ: Hi, girls!

LYLA POLOWY: We're cool with her. Do you and Selena Gomez have any kids?

ANDY SAMBERG: We don't, we're not married. I am married to someone else and we have children, so no. But I'm sure whoever Selena decides to marry, if she so chooses, will be a wonderful person.

LYLA POLOWY: Do you and Selena have a healthy marriage?

ANDY SAMBERG: We do. We have a very healthy marriage. It's going great. You know, she's just the best. She's my rock, and I lean on her. I just figured I'd go with it, Kevin.

KEVIN POLOWY: I told them no personal questions about you and Selena Gomez, and here they are.

ANDY SAMBERG: I'm tired of swimming upstream.

LYLA POLOWY: Who's your best friend?

ANDY SAMBERG: My best friend is my wife, Selena Gomez.

- It's time to play, "Is It Cake?"

LYLA POLOWY: Is it cake?

ANDY SAMBERG: It's not cake.


LYLA POLOWY: Not cake.

ANDY SAMBERG: I mean, I'm starting to understand how the show works.

KEVIN POLOWY: Lyla, do not hit your sister over the head with toys, please.

LYLA POLOWY: What is crypto?

ANDY SAMBERG: I have no idea. I saw a lot of commercials for it during the Super Bowl, but I still couldn't really explain it, I think.

LYLA POLOWY: Should we invest in crypto?

ANDY SAMBERG: Definitely. Take all your money and put it in crypto. I can't stress this enough. It's a good call, and it's what you're going to want to do.

KEVIN POLOWY: Guys, I think our time is up with Andy. Anything else you want to say to him?

LYLA POLOWY: Say hi to the "Is It Cake?" guy for me.


- Say hi to your mother for me, OK?