Andy Samberg Hilariously Roasts the Charmin Bears With Seth Meyers: ‘IBS Is a Disease, Not a Personality’ (Video)

“SNL” alums Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers reunited on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday, and during their interview, Samberg reminisced about the time he nearly had to fill in for Meyers – and the sketch ideas he had planned.

Tuesday was the first time Samberg has been on Meyers’ show in person since the series finale special for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” which just so happened to occur the day after Meyers’ child was born. With Meyers unsure if he’d be able to do the show, executive producer Mike Shoemaker called up Samberg and asked if he could potentially fill in.

Samberg said he was ready to host and even had ideas planned until Meyers showed up. So on Tuesday night’s show, the “Digman!” co-creator and star ran through some of the sketch ideas he had.

“I also had a desk piece that I tested out in my mind called The Spitroast, where I just eviscerated newsworthy topics straight to their face,” Samberg said. Meyers replied that it sounded similar to his own Ya Burnt segment.

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“I don’t know what that is but it sounds bad, but this idea was a good idea,” Samberg said in response before launching into an example of The Spitroast in which he tore the Charmin toilet paper bears apart.

“Welcome to the barbecue pit where we’ve got a bunch of suckling little piggies and one long spit to roast them on. First up, the Charmin bears,” Samberg began.

“Hey Charmin bears, I think you need to see a doctor, nobody’s supposed to spend that much time in the bathroom,” he said at the top of the segment, complete with its own logo. “IBS is a disease not a personality. Also, I’ve never seen any of you wash your hands. You guys are f—king gross! If you knew how g—damn disgusting you sounded talking about s—t all the time, you’d put a gun in your mouth and blow your f—ing brains out!”

At the end of the expletive-laden screed against these toilet paper-loving cartoon bears, Samberg even had an outro:

“Hey Charmin bears, time to take the apple out of your mouth because ya spitroasted.”

Honestly, let Sambeg guest-host “Late Night” any time he wants.

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