Andy Garcia Reflects on The Untouchables 35 Years Later

Andy Garcia Reflects on The Untouchables 35 Years Later
Andy Garcia Reflects on The Untouchables 35 Years Later

The iconic American crime film The Untouchables turned 35 this year, and in an interview with ComingSoon, actor Andy Garcia reminisced on his role in the film and starring in something so iconic.

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“People dig it. People dig that movie and it holds up really well,” said Garcia of his breakout role. “Some movies you do, then you revisit them and you go ‘Eh,’ but this movie holds up so well, it’s such a great film for all the reasons you know. The script by David Mamet, the execution by Brian De Palma, and then all the wardrobe, the actors that are in it. Ennio Morricone’s work and the scores, all the elements in this movie really, really hold up to a great film forever, really. So I was honored to be a part of it. It was a privilege.”

Garcia, who appeared in The Untouchables after appearing in just six films, also spoke about what it was like getting to be around so many high-profile actors, including Sean Connery, who Garcia said was a hero of his growing up.

“I did most of my work with The Untouchables with [Sean] Connery,” Garcia said. “[Robert] De Niro was obviously [Al] Capone, but I didn’t have, other than scenes in the courtroom, we didn’t really have the opportunity to interact that way. But Connery, I worked with all the time. Of course, he was a hero of mine growing up in the sixties. He was James Bond. He was the hero of our times, and so getting a chance to work with him was a great honor. I wouldn’t say the word ‘intimidated’ because that’s my job. You’re coming there, you got to take care of your character. You got to take care of what you’re there to deliver. But I was extremely, obviously respectful and enjoying the proximity to someone that when you’re young, you’re in awe of. You’re so inspired by. But once you start working, once you start working he’s [Jim] Malone and I’m [George] Stone and all that disappears in a sense, you know?”

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Originally released in 1987, The Untouchables was a massive success at its premiere and was nominated for four Academy Awards, with Connery winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor at the time.

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