Andy Cohen’s Bar Mitzvah Photo Is the Mazel of the Day

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Andy Cohen (Photo: Getty Images)
Andy Cohen (Photo: Getty Images)

The day Andy Cohen became a man — at age 13 when he celebrated his bar mitzvah — he already looked like one.

The Bravo personality, who is best known for having to wrangle housewives, shared a classic throwback of his Jewish coming-of-age ceremony on Monday. The handsome host looked like a middle-aged man, especially with his specs as he read the Torah, which prompted him to write, “Why WOULDN’T I wear transition glasses at my Bar Mitzvah???”

Why WOULDN'T I wear transition glasses at my Bar Mitzvah??? ????

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on Jan 23, 2017 at 11:55am PST

If Cohen, 48, hadn’t claimed the photo as his own, we wouldn’t have guessed it was him — and neither would his Instagram commenters. At least five people commented that he looked like Sen. Al Franken, including wshook504, who wrote, “You look wonderful! I thought it was Al Franken’s Bar Mitzvah photo!”

He was also mistaken for another Saturday Night Live alum. “You totally look like Bill Hader,” commented mlopez212, “and way to rock the creepy 80’s child predictor glasses!”

In 2013, Cohen’s bar mitzvah tutor from his St. Louis days, Yitzy Magence, was a guest on his show, Watch What Happens: Live. Apparently Cohen, who was a superchatty young kid, dreaded learning Hebrew ahead of his bar mitzvah, so he ended up with Magence as a tutor. Cohen gave him a really hard time though — he would “lock him out and do all these things to him,” the host recounted.

Fun fact (or not-so-fun?): Magence said on WWHL that his dad performed Cohen’s circumcision.

A song titled “Yitzy Magence” later appeared in the off-Broadway show Stars of David, which was helmed by Cohen’s friend Abigail Pogrebin and based on the story of Cohen giving Magence a hard time.

Perhaps there also should have been a song written about Cohen’s glasses because they were truly the star of his big day.