Andy Cohen Shares Relatable Videos of Son Ben's Meltdowns During Car Ride Home from Vacation

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Andy Cohen car ride.
Andy Cohen car ride.

Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen is giving fans an all too real look at toddler parenting life.

In two videos shared on Instagram over the weekend, the Watch What Happens Live host, 54, deals with car ride meltdowns from his 3-year-old son Benjamin Allen. Cohen approaches the tough moments with his signature sense of humor and brings levity to the challenges toddler parents face.

The first video shows Cohen telling Ben that he's been "watching Bob the Builder for six hours while I packed the car up. You can't want to watch more!"

"I do," he hysterically replies.

Cohen jokingly yells about vacation being over and briefly growls at the camera as Ben declares, "I want to go back!" The video cuts and says "three minutes later," at which point Cohen asks, "Ben do you feel better now?"

"Um, no," Ben replies, explaining he still has a cold.

After Andy clarifies, he asks, "you're not upset anymore about leaving? You're okay? You got it out of your system?"

"I was just kidding," Ben says.

"Wow, that was some joke, my man," Cohen deadpans as other people in the car laughed.

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In the other clip, Cohen drives while asking his son questions about why he's crying so hard. Ben tries yelling through his tears and after a moment, Cohen recognizes he's asking him to pull over. "We're going back to the city, you've been wanting to go back to the city," Cohen points out.

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It then cuts to another scene and says "five minutes later." Cohen asks Ben, "If you had to guess, why would you say you were just crying so hard?"

"Cause I wanted you to park," the toddler replies, at which point Cohen asserts that when he did park, Ben didn't want to get out of the car.

"I wanted to get out," Ben says.

After a deep sigh, Cohen says, "Well, I'm glad we worked through that. Feel better?"

"Yeah! Ben adorably replies.

At the beginning of the summer, Cohen shared what his life looked like traveling with two kids after welcoming daughter Lucy Eve, now 4 months, in April.

In the relatable video, Cohen jokingly grimaced and made faces as Ben tried to talk through his tears while sitting in the backseat of the car.

Little sister Lucy added some high-pitched cries of her own as Cohen clutched the steering wheel like he was bracing himself.

"Summer should be fun," Cohen jokingly captioned the clip at the time.