Andy Cohen Roasted By 'RHOBH' Fans For Laughing About Garcelle Beauvais' Book Being Thrown in Trash By Lisa Rinna

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Andy Cohen is getting heavily criticized for his treatment of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais.

Decider reports that Cohen got on fans’ nerves during Wednesday’s reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Cohen seemingly gave the behavior of Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne a pass for their treatment of Beauvais during the season, which included throwing her book away in the trash and filming it.

Rinna admitted that she was the one who took the video and sent it to other cast members in their "separate" group chat.

Beauvais, on the other hand, looked visibly hurt, holding back tears. Beauvais said she had heard about the video and that “everybody was snickering about it.”

Instead of pressing Rinna and Jayne on their behavior, Cohen instead asked them about their recycling habits. The fans weren't having it.

“Do y’all see how Andy completely dismisses any opportunity to hold Rinna and Erika accountable?” wrote a viewer online. “Like am I crazy or does he really not care about showing his preferences?”

“The fact that @Andy laughed off what Ericka and Rinna did instead of holding them accountable was ridiculous,” wrote another viewer, adding that they felt “[d]isgusted and disappointed” by what they saw.

"Garcelle has so much grace but damn, I feel for her," they continued.

Another wrote, “Andy not holding these ladies feet to the fire & its annoying af. How we go from Erika & Rinna throwing Garcelle’s book in the trash to ‘do you guys recycle?'[sic]”

Pop culture YouTube personality Kempire also wrote, “Garcelle, we got you. You already know who your real friends are on this show.”

Others took Cohen to task for what appeared to be racism by giving the white stars a pass for how they treated their Black co-star.

One viewer wrote, “That scripted ass speech Andy did on last [week’s] reunion about condemning racism means absolutely nothing if you’re gonna go on to have a kiki with those evil ladies about them throwing Garcelle’s book in the trash. Like pls be fr [sic]. Andy is a mean girl too.”

One viewer said NeNe Leakes, who sued Cohen and Bravo over discrimination, was "absolutely right" about Cohen.

“He treats white women differently. Remember how stern he was when he was discussing Candiace’s [Dillard-Bassett] posts on Instagram? Where was the energy for Rinna?? Disgusting!”


Another wrote how they found the reunion and the treatment Beauvais received "gross," while another wrote, "Andy Cohen really is the PROBLEM here, my heart breaks for Garcelle, that was so cruel."

Interestingly enough, Beauvais and Cohen have talked about the franchise’s lack of diversity on other Real Housewives shows aside from Real Housewives of Atlanta. While on Beauvais’ radio show Going to Bed with Garcelle in 2021, the two talked about Cohen’s part in not increasing diversity sooner.

"I think part of the things is, I think that it was a bad cycle because then the longer you waited the more you wanted to get it absolutely perfect when you did cast a woman of color. You wanted that person to succeed," she said at the time.

Cohen admitted that while he was trying to find the right fit for new castmembers in the franchise, “the true answer is there is no excuse.”

“It’s bad and there is not an excuse, and so I could spitball here and try to come up with twenty, but it sucks and there’s no excuse,” he said.