Andy Cohen Loses Control at the RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion

Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images
Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images
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Andy Cohen tends to lose many brain cells when moderating any Real Housewives reunion. And you would too. Could you imagine being a ref between the likes of Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, hearing screeches only picked up by canines within a 2-mile radius?

So it’s safe to say the Season 4 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion and the freshman year of Monica Garcia put Andy and his remaining brain cells through the ultimate test. Part 2 of the saga airs tonight and Andy is, in a word, exhausted. Entertainment Tonight has the scoop.

The back and forth of it all

Get ready cats and kittens, because we’re going into round two of Monica versus Everyone Else. Yes, she made quite a splash being the former friend of Jen Shah and a possibly former contributor to RHOSLC troll account Reality Von Tease.

This time Lisa Barlow is going after Mon and all I can say is, this isn’t exactly a reading of Shakespeare’s finest offerings. In the preview, Andy starts with a question from a fan for LB. Does she or does she not regret saying to Monica, “No one wants to be your mom” after seeing how Linda Darnell rolls?

Lisa responds, “The conversation got misconveyed [sic].” When Monica looked aghast, Lisa added, “Listen, I rebuttaled [sic] as sophomoric as you dished it. You were the nasty one all season.” Wow, that Lisa is something, giving us all new words to submit to Merriam-Webster.

But Monica wasn’t having it. “I was not the nasty one all season, I was responding to the energy I was given.” Then Lisa proceeds to imitate Monica, which I’m sure is allowed via the Mormon Handbook Lisa strictly follows.

Monica attempts to throw Greek Mafia Don Angie Katsanevas under the bus by sharing some of her memorable moments into the mix. “She called Meredith [Marks] a ‘trampoline with eyes!’” Meredith is so over Rumhürs *The Nastiness* at this point and merely shakes her head in dismay.

Angie’s deflection, coming in hot

Angie goes for the deflection with, ”That means her skin is nice and smooth and tight.” LB adds, “I want to be a trampoline with eyes.” Now Heather Gay, who fully defended a criminal who allegedly assaulted her said, “Honestly, that’s what I want to be, too.” Lisa again tells Monica how “nasty” she was all season and Monica then says “Touchet” meaning to say “touché.” Lord help these women and give them some books.

At this point, Andy has closed his eyes and seems to be concentrating on a resting heartbeat of 60 – 100 bpm so he can stay alive and end this thing. Lisa and Monica continue arguing until Whitney Rose decides to interject. “My ears are, like, literally hurting,” she says to Mer.

Heather joins in and Monica addressed her. “Heather, I don’t even know what your problem is with me. Dead-a, I don’t know what the fk your problem is with me.” Um, I think I know what her problem is …

Andy wakes up and takes control again. ”She’s gonna tell you in a little bit,” he said.

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs TONIGHT at 8 PM ET/PT on Bravo. Part 3 will air Tuesday, Jan. 23, at the same time. And guess what, uncensored and extended episodes stream the next day on Peacock, so you can hear all the bad words and juicy details.


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