Andy Cohen ‘Feels Bad’ for Drew Sidora as Private Texts to Ty Young Are Exposed

Drew Sidora
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It looks like Drew Sidora was in the hot seat during the conclusion of the Season 15 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. She argued with Courtney Rhodes, who is her estranged husband, Ralph Pittman’s, cousin. Apparently.

Drew and Ty’s texts are revealed

The Peach Report dropped a reunion teaser on Twitter. And it is crazy. Host Andy Cohen asked Drew if she visited her friend (and allegedly more) Ty Young in Texas.

“I saw her. I went to her game. Okay? And? I did not need Ralph. Ralph – I don’t know what Ralph’s been doing,” Drew said. “A  lot of things. Like if we’re going to talk about that, that’s a whole other conversation.”

Drew continued, “She doesn’t know anything about it. So at the end of the day, her and Ralph have gotten together. She has been coached by Ralph, conjuring up things and regurgitating it. And I don’t have to answer to you,” the actress added.

“You lie to everybody. I know that you’re a compulsive liar,” Courtney fired back. “It’s clear.”

Then Andy asked Courtney when Ralph told her that he decided to divorce Drew. “When he knew for sure about the affair and he had the evidence,” she replied.

Courtney confirmed it was after Portugal. “Yeah. It was after Portugal. And he was really heartbroken about it. Really just devastated,” Courtney said.

So, Andy asked Kandi Burruss what she knew about Ty and Drew. Kandi said that Drew told her, Andy, and a make-up person that Ty would be her girl crush. Then someone brought Ty to the set. And that is when Drew met her.

Sheree had the receipts

But it was Shereé Whitfield who had the dreaded receipts. “Oh my gosh, I so don’t want to be in the middle of this, but I was given some information. It was dropped off to my house a couple of days ago,” Sheree explained. “It just paints a different picture of their relationship. Her and Ty.”

As Andy pointed out, Shereé didn’t see who dropped off the info. Courtney denied it was her, but Drew insisted that Ralph gave it to Courtney.

“These are private messages between Ty and I’m assuming Drew,” Andy said. “If these are real, which we don’t know they are, they are very incriminating.”

Drew, who was starting to cry, tried to play it off. “They’re very friendly. We’re friends,” she explained.

Kandi asked if the texts were the real deal. Drew responded, “I have seen Ralph beat the IRS single-handedly. However, there’s nothing incriminating.”

Andy had the final word in the teaser. “I feel bad. I wouldn’t like my private texts thrown out.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 reunion concludes this Sunday on Bravo at 8/7c.


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