Andy Cohen reacts to Bravo firing Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute from 'Vanderpump Rules'

Andy Cohen has addressed the major shakeup happening on Vanderpump Rules.

On Tuesday, Bravo confirmed original cast members Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired after a racially charged incident with former co-star, Faith Stowers, resurfaced. Cohen, who hosts the Vanderpump Rules reunions, said he fully backs the network's decision.

"I will say this," he began Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. "I absolutely support Bravo’s decision, I think it was the right decision."

Andy Cohen reacts to Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute's firing from Vanderpump Rules
Stassi Schroeder, Andy Cohen and Kristen Doute. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bravo and Evolution Media also confirmed Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni, who joined the cast this past season, won't return after old racist tweets were unearthed.

Cohen said he's been getting "so many tweets and messages" about what's happening and he wants "to remind people" he doesn't make any decisions when it comes to Vanderpump Rules.

"I’m not in charge of programming at Bravo anymore. I am not an executive producer of Vanderpump Rules," he continued. "I don’t have anything to do with the show except that I love it and that I host the reunions."

Cohen is essentially the face of the network and hosts the popular late-night show Watch What Happens Live, so it's understandable why people wanted him to weigh in. However, he emphasized he has nothing to do with "hiring and firing" on programs he doesn't produce.

"I don’t produce the show, so what I want people to know is I have no say in hiring and firing people," he noted. "I really am only an [executive producer] of the Real Housewives and Watch What Happens Live."

Lisa Vanderpump broke her silence on Wednesday afternoon and fans have been anxiously awaiting her response. At first glance, it doesn’t appear many are satisfied. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum explained it was "necessary for me to be quiet until now, until decisions had been made."

"I love and adore our employees and I am deeply saddened by some of the lack of judgment that has been displayed," Vanderpump wrote. However, she didn’t specifically address any of the firings or Stowers specifically. Instead, the reality star defended the kind of workplace she has created in her restaurants, insisting its one of inclusivity.

"As many of you know, after watching me for 10 years, I have always been an equal rights activist and ally — my family, my businesses and I condemn all forms of cruelty, racism, homophobia, bigotry and unequal treatment. We’ve never tolerated it in the workplace or our lives," she wrote. "We will continue to embrace diversity as one of our greatest strengths, and I’m excited to give you deeper look [sic] into the multi-faceted fabric of our company in the future."

During part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion last week, Vanderpump defended her decision to keep Boyens and Caprioni — who work at her restaurants TomTom and Sur, respectively — on staff.

"If I fired every one of you that have made mistakes, it doesn’t matter to what degree, probably none of you would have a job," she explained during the pre-taped virtual reunion.

Boyens and Caprioni both apologized for their old tweets, which were uncovered after the Season 8 premiere, and said they had learned from their mistakes.

"I have never seen any inkling of anything that would make me believe that that’s the beliefs they’re holding now," Vanderpump continued. "And if I had, they wouldn’t be working for me."

While Schroeder and Doute no longer work at Vanderpump's restaurants, they were integral parts of Vanderpump Rules. Unlike Cohen, Vanderpump is an executive producer on her show, which she launched in 2013.

Watch — Stassi Schroeder dropped by publicist after racist claims by Faith Stowers:

[Editor’s Note: This story was updated to include Vanderpump’s statement.]

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