Andrew Yang says 'multiple campaigns' have reached out to him as possible VP

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On Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed he has been courted by multiple campaigns as a possible vice presidential candidate after it was reported earlier in the day that Mike Bloomberg had reached out to Yang and floated the idea of having him as VP. Yang garnered a large following with popular ideas like Universal Basic Income, and he said that any candidate will have to adopt some of those same ideas just to get his endorsement, let alone his commitment as a running mate.

“Multiple campaigns have reached out, and it’s flattering to be considered for a VP role or any role in someone’s campaign,” Yang said. “I made clear to every other candidate that I ran on a set of issues: automation of jobs, an evolving economy that we need to humanize and a dividend of $1,000 a month for every American. And I said that if a candidate were to make a significant commitment in those directions, then I’d be much more enthusiastic about considering an endorsement.”

But Yang also made it clear he will eventually endorse any one of the candidates running against President Trump.

“Number one, I will support whoever the nominee is,” Yang said. “And number two, I am very enthusiastic about having the democratic process play out, and to decide who the nominee is.”

Yang then reiterated that if a candidate were to support his ideas, that would go a long way toward him considering an endorsement.

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