Is Andrew Cuomo a Sex Symbol? Randy Rainbow’s Latest Parody Song Sends #Cuomosexual Trending (Video)

Rosemary Rossi
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Comedian Randy Rainbow is voicing his overwhelming — and totally understandable — love for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, swooning, in fact, in a new musical parody set to the tune of “Sandy” from “Grease” and calling himself… wait for it… a “Cuomosexual.”

“Stranded in my bedroom, no one to love,” a melancholy Rainbow sings. Cuomo then pops up on his TV with his daily update on how his state is dealing with the coronavirus. Rainbow’s face lights up and he smiles, “Then there he is, my favorite gov.”

His black and white world fills with color and Pink Ladies from “Grease” (all Rainbow in drag, of course) dance across the screen.

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“Andy, can’t ya see, I’m in quarantine. A nervous wreck, and scurred as heck, of CO-O-VID-19,” he sings. “But you bring hope, when I can’t cope, I guess I’m saying ay-ay-ay-oh, I love you so, oh Andy.”

“Oh Andy, baby…” Rainbow spins in utter joy, his voice making a crescendo, “…someday, when COVID’s not a thing, if we’re on earth, for what it’s worth, I hope they make you king.”

Rainbow goes on to say that Cuomo’s press briefings calm him down and that he manages “to lead and inform without terrifying the s— out of me or straying from the facts.”

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He again bursts into song. “From now on I, identify, as Cuomosexual.”

Twitter users must have loved the parody because #Cuomosexual trended all the way to No. 1.

Check it out above. You may end up watching it more than once.

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