Anderson Cooper Shares Son Wyatt's Tradition with Baby Brother That's Out of a 'Christmas Special'

personal photos shared by Anderson Cooper
personal photos shared by Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper's son Wyatt loves to spend his mornings with his baby brother.

The CNN anchor, 55, appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he shared the adorable daily routine that involves his two sons Wyatt, 2, and Sebastian, 7 months.

"I wake up Wyatt first, and then he wants to come with me to wake up Sebastian, and he likes to get into Sebastian's crib," Cooper shared. "He has this thing now, I don't know where it came from, where he's like, 'I want to smell Sebastian, I want to smell the baby.' "

"And I say, 'Smell the baby.' And he smells the baby's head. And every time he says the same thing, 'He smells like an angel,' and I'm like, 'Are you from a Christmas special?' " Cooper said with a laugh.

"Get that kid over to Hallmark!" host Stephen Colbert joked.

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personal photos shared by Anderson Cooper
personal photos shared by Anderson Cooper

Courtesy Anderson Cooper

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While Cooper admitted he was "very concerned" about Wyatt's reaction to bringing another baby into the house, the journalist said things are "going great" between the siblings.

The Anderson Cooper 360 host recently spoke to PEOPLE about the possibility of expanding his family. He shared that another baby could be in his future, though he isn't certain.

"I love the idea of it — but there's nothing planned," Cooper said.

Since welcoming Sebastian in February, (Cooper co-parents with his friend and former partner Benjamin Maisani), he admitted having a second child has been a much easier transition than having the first.

"Logistically, it's more challenging because they're on different nap schedules and there's different feeding schedules, but you know the shortcuts, how to fold the diaper in the right way and do the milk," he explained.

Still, Cooper said he's in awe of his young sons. "You forget how quickly they change and to see Sebastian and Wyatt together, that's really an amazing thing."