Anchor's Obsession With 'MacGyver' Leads To Hilarious, Unhinged Interview

Richard Dean Anderson, best known for playing the titular role of MacGyver in the 1980's and early 90's, is scheduled to appear in Australia's version of Comic Con but he might be reconsidering that now. Anderson appeared on the morning show Today Thursday and was met with wild enthusiasm by the show's anchor Karl Stefanovic. Stefanovic was basically unhinged in how much he loves MacGyver. He breathlessly recounted to Anderson, "I remember the Super Bowl commercial you did, this is how much of a stalker I am, where you cut the ropes binding you to a chair using a pine tree air freshener, than you used an ordinary tube sock as the pulley for a zip line and somehow repaired the hotwire of a nonfunctional truck, you hotwired a nonfunctional truck using a paper clip, ballpoint pen, rubber band, tweezers, nail spray, and also a turkey baster. It was all kind of dreamy stuff, my man." Anderson joked, "God, I got all hot and bothered with you talking like that." Stefanovic followed, "Don't worry, so did I." When Anderson told Stefanovic that his daughter doesn't think he's cool, which made the anchor delighted for some reason, Stefanovic took his compliments to a strange new place, "[Anderson's daughter has] a great dad. I'd love you to be my dad, in kind of a weird way." Stefanovic then indulged in a fantasy where he gets to hang out with the guy after repeatedly calling him "daddy." All you have to do is watch to the end and see Richard Dean Anderson's face to know if that's going to happen.