Amy Schumer Defends Family Member Chuck Schumer After Trump Twitter Tirade

Amy Schumer defended her relative, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, against tweets from President Donald Trump targeting the democrat from New York on Tuesday.

After blasting the senator for crying what Trump claimed to be "fake tears" over the controversial immigration ban, the president returned to Twitter to demean Chuck again.

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"Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court and mic did not work (a mess) - just like Dem party!" Trump tweeted early Tuesday morning.

Chuck and House Minority Leader Pelosi were speaking in opposition of the travel ban.

"This is what he was thinking about at 621am," Amy wrote on Instagram along with a screenshot of Trump's message. "This was his tweet after his first soldier died. Also 8 Yemeni women and 7 children died and Trump called the raid 'successful.'"

The first known military raid carried out by President Trump took place in Yemen on Sunday, and resulted in two American deaths. One was Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens, a member of SEAL Team 6, and the other was an 8-year-old girl. According to NBC News, one official said "almost everything went wrong" in the clandestine strike.

"Also, I know Chuck Schumer, and HE CANNOT act," Amy continued. "Trust me. He can barely smile on cue. He can't help but be transparent and genuine. He was hurt for those people and all the people facing such unconstitutional injustice. Trump is about to bombard us with so many awful decisions. His Supreme Court pick will be terrifying and he will try and stop same sex adoption and all our other nightmares."

On Tuesday, Trump announced right-wing conservative Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, 49, as his nominee to the Supreme Court. As the Supreme Court is currently divided evenly between conservative and liberal justices, adding Gorsuch as a ninth justice could tilt the balance of power on the Court to the conservative side.

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In her lengthy diatribe, Amy encourages Americans to continue "fighting for each other's rights."

"A Muslim ban is so unconstitutional and cruel," she wrote. "They are good, hard-working people and a refugee from the countries he isn't letting people in from have never committed any acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. Never. We need to fight this now and together. Call congress. Call the senate. We need to wake up and rise up together. People need our help."

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