All About Amy Robach's 2 Kids

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Amy Robach is the mom of two daughters: Ava and Annalise

<p>Amy Robach/Instagram</p> Amy Robach and her daughters

Amy Robach/Instagram

Amy Robach and her daughters

Amy Robach is the mother of two children.

The former GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchor is the mother of two daughters, Ava and Annalise, whom she shares with ex-husband Tim McIntosh.

Robach and McIntosh were married from 1996 to 2009. In 2010, Robach wed Andrew Shue. Prior to their divorce in March 2023, the journalist and Melrose Place alum — who was already a father of three from a previous marriage — had been vocal about raising a blended family together.

Over the years, Robach has posted sweet mother-daughter photos with Ava and Annalise on her Instagram. Her kids, however, choose to keep a low profile on social media.

Most recently, Robach shared a selfie with Ava and Annalise on Instagram as they celebrated her post-New York City Marathon run after she crossed the finish line alongside T.J. Holmes in early November 2023.

The completion of Robach and Holmes' race came shortly after they went Instagram official with their relationship, while also announcing their new podcast. In the first episode, Robach recalls what it was like to explain her headline-making romance with Holmes to her kids.

Here's what to know about Amy Robach's two kids, Annalise and Ava.

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Ava was born in 2002

<p>Amy Robach/Instagram</p> Amy Robach and her daughter Ava

Amy Robach/Instagram

Amy Robach and her daughter Ava

Ava is Robach's eldest daughter, born on Dec. 29, 2002. In celebration of her 19th birthday, the proud mom posted a sweet tribute to Instagram in honor of her special day.

"To the first girl I fell madly in love with at first sight! Happy 19th birthday Ava Lou - I’m so proud to be your mama - and love celebrating the woman you are today and everyday!!," wrote Robach.

Annalise was born in 2006

<p>Amy Robach/Instagram</p> Amy Robach and her daughter Annalise

Amy Robach/Instagram

Amy Robach and her daughter Annalise

Annalise is Robach's youngest daughter, born on May 10, 2006. In celebration of her 16th birthday, the mom of two wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram in celebration.

"My sweet girl is sweet 16 today!!," Robach wrote in May 2022 alongside a throwback photo of Annalise. "Happy birthday Annalise - my Annie - had to fight back tears as I looked at your birthday pics from over the past few years!"

She continued, "You've grown into such a smart, fierce, loyal and beautiful woman ... I love you and am so proud to be your mom 💕."

They make appearances on their mom's social media

Amy Robach/instagram Amy Robach with her kids on Instagram
Amy Robach/instagram Amy Robach with her kids on Instagram

Over the years, Robach has posted Instagram pics with her daughters that range from silly selfies to snapshots of their fun mother-daughter activities together.

In October 2022, Robach shared a photo with Ava from a Brandie Carlile concert. "Girls night out for @brandicarlile 💕," she captioned the pic.

Earlier in the month, Robach posed with Annalise from a sporting event at the University of Georgia. "Gooooooo Dawgs ❤️🖤," she wrote alongside the photo.

In September 2023, the mom of two shared a smiling snap with Ava, in which they were both showing off their naturally curly locks. She captioned the image, “Curl power ❤️ ❤️.”

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Her daughters keep private on their own social media

In contrast to their mom's public lifestyle, both Ava and Annalise maintain a much more private profile. However, they posted a tribute to Robach on Mother's Day in May 2023.

The former GMA3 host was celebrated by both daughters in posts on each of their Instagram Stories.

"All the love mama 😘," Annalise captioned a sweet selfie with her mom, per Page Six.

Ava shared a throwback photo of all three together, writing, "Mom's day."

They inspired their mom to co-author a book

<p>Amy Robach/Instagram</p> Amy Robach and her daughters

Amy Robach/Instagram

Amy Robach and her daughters

In October 2021, Robach and ex-husband Shue published a children's book, Better Together, inspired by their own blended family. It's centered around compromise and learning to appreciate others' differences.

The children's book, illustrated by Lenny Wen, follows a family of chipmunks and a family of squirrels that must find a way to live together after a big thunderstorm causes them to flee from their woodland homes.

When speaking with PEOPLE at the time of its release, Robach explained that the idea for the book began when she and Shue came up with a metaphor in their own backyard for their new family union.

"We used to actually tell them stories, and especially the little ones, about the animals in our yard and how they all became a family together," she said. "The whole 'better together' concept is just teaching people that it's not about whose side you're on or who did it better. It's about coming together."

Robach said the "beautiful part about it" was how their children came together as a family, "just to see how well and how willing they were to ultimately love each other."

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Their mom is "still saying sorry" for making headlines with her new romance

In the first episode of their iHeartRadio podcast, Amy & T.J., the former GMA3 co-anchors explained what it was like to tell their families about the relationship as the chaos of the situation going public unfolded.

"I'm still saying I’m sorry," said Robach of her daughters. "It's one thing for us to deal with the press and the headlines and the paparazzi that have become as much a part of our lives as anything."

"When I'm with my children, with my daughters, they're there and their pictures are being taken," Robach noted. "I just try to put myself in their shoes. It's their family and they're so young. They don't have the tools or the life experience to even really be able to put it in perspective."

"It’s been a hard, hard journey that will continue," Robach said, adding, "We’re all in therapy."

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