Amy Robach Finalized Divorce From Husband Andrew Shue After GMA Drama, But How’s Her Relationship With His Kids?

 Amy Robach
Amy Robach

As we become further removed from Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged workplace affair, those involved in and affected by the situation seem to be settling into their new lives. To that point, Robach finailzed her divorce from Andrew Shue – her husband of 12 years – back in March. Based on reports that have dropped in recent months, the two exes haven’t had much contact as of late. (Though the former GMA anchor did meet up with Shue in January to do a custody swap of their dog.) With Robach’s marriage officially dissolved, some may be wondering what her relationship with her stepchildren looks like, and we now have some alleged details on that front.

The 56-year-old Andrew Shue has three sons – Nate, Aiden and Wyatt – whom he shares with Jennifer Hageney, his former wife of 14 years. Based on previous accounts, Amy Robach, 50, became close with her stepkids during her marriage to Shue. And apparently, she’s looking to maintain that connection moving forward. A source shared purported information in regard to how Robach is seemingly looking to remain in her stepsons’ orbits:

Amy has a relationship with Andrew’s sons here and there. She is still in her stepsons’ lives. They communicate. She’d like them to still think of her as their stepmother and will be there for them. She is still trying to work things out with seeing Andrew’s kids. She’s been their stepmom for so long and wants a relationship with them and Andrew is having a hard time emotionally with it. But his sons still keep in touch and communicate with her.

The comments from Us Weekly’s insider may be somewhat surprising due to the way in which the journalist has seemingly kept her distance. Amy Robach was notably absent from Shue family photos during the 2022 Christmas holiday. At that time, the Good Morning America alum was vacationing in Miami with new beau T.J. Holmes. We can’t say for sure whether or not things would be awkward between Robach and her stepsons after everything that’s occurred. Still, if this report is to be believed, it’s admirable that she still wants to serve as a resource to them. Her relationship with her ex-husband, however, seems to be a totally different story.

As the source mentioned, Andrew Shue is allegedly having a tough time with the situation, and previous unnamed individuals claimed that his former wife’s relationship took him by surprise. A report that dropped in March provided supposed information on the circumstances regarding his marriage with the star in the lead-up to the affair. Shue and his wife had allegedly been drifting from one another, with the latter simultaneously bonding more with T.J. Holmes. As Shue has processed this situation, he’s supposedly received support from his Melrose Place co-stars.

Amy Robach, meanwhile, is still looking for work alongside T.J. Holmes, who’s she’s also been vacationing with in recent months. It’s been said that both stars ideally want to stick to TV and, while they have the experience, it would seem that they’re not close to landing new jobs. One insider even alleged that both CBS and CNN have already passed on hiring them. Though they want to be co-hosts again, Holmes and Robach are apparently prepared should they not land a joint gig. They’ll allegedly “vouch for each other and help each other.”

This is certainly a new era for Amy Robach, Andrew Shue and co, as they now face a drastically different set of family dynamics. Robach could maintain some of the connective tissue should she keep in regular contact with stepsons. We probably shouldn’t expect such a bond between her and Shue, though, at least in the immediate future.