Amy Adams Gets Emotional as She Shares How 'Disenchanted' Is a 'Love Letter' to Daughter Aviana

Amy Adams Tears Up Explaining How 'Disenchanted' Is a 'Love Letter' to Daughter Aviana, 12
Amy Adams Tears Up Explaining How 'Disenchanted' Is a 'Love Letter' to Daughter Aviana, 12

Amy Adams/instagram, The Project

Amy Adams is sharing an important lesson she's learned as a mom.

Speaking about her film Disenchanted on Australia's The Project talk show Friday morning, the actress became emotional as she connected the film's message to those she's teaching her 12-year-old daughter, Aviana.

"Something I've learned, I think I learned it the minute she was born, not to be overly personal, that I had this idea of who she was going to be and what her essence was," the Enchanted star said.

Adams explained she quickly learned what she wanted for her daughter was "just all projection."

"The journey since the moment she was born is finding out who she is, who she wants to be. Not even what I want for her, because of course I want the best for her, but she wants things for herself," Adams shared.

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"And really learning to listen and give her that opportunity to be an autonomous being in this world is something that I have to remind myself every day as I sort of, you know, try to fix all her problems for her," she added.

Adams went on to explain that she works hard to make sure her only child has a "wonderful place" in the world, no matter who she is in this world and who she chooses to be.

"I will love her no matter what," the mom proclaimed.

Speaking with Extra about Disenchanted, Adams talked about how motherhood changes how she approaches her character of Giselle.

"The importance of family and the focus on family… I know that's what Giselle's thinking of primarily in this film and sort of how she can be the best for her family. That's something I identify with," she shared.

Appearing on Good Morning America Friday, Adams said that the first time she watched Enchanted with Aviana was accidental after they happened upon it on TV in a hotel room during a family trip.

"She was a little confused as to why I was behaving like that and wearing the dress," she recalled.

"She watched it for a little while, but then was like, 'Can we turn the channel? I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,' " the actress said with a laugh. "But since then, she's watched the movie several times and is a big admirer of the Enchanted universe."