Amir Lancaster Purchases New Home With Girlfriend Natalie Cortes

Photo Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo via Getty Images

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard‘s Amir Lancaster has just taken a huge relationship step. He and his girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, purchased their first home together. He celebrated the big move by sharing his joy on social media.

Amir shared an Instagram story of Natalie and himself at the real estate office with the caption, “New Homeowners.” The couple was there to finalize their home purchase contract and make it official.

First comes home

Fans of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard got a closer look at Amir’s love life in the second season when he invited Natalie to stay at the sprawling estate. Though she faced some drama with several housemates, that didn’t impact her relationship with Amir.

After all, there is no bigger statement of a strong relationship than buying a home together.

After finalizing their deal, Amir returned to his Instagram to share a fun peek at his and Natalie’s new home. The couple was all smiles as they hugged in front of a pretty brick house located in Southeast Austin.

He captioned the post, “OUR TURN. Thanking God every day for everything that has been bestowed upon me. Nothing is taken for granted, and this is just the start of something amazing for Natalie and I.”

Then comes marriage?

Amir’s announcement garnered mixed reactions. While some fans congratulated the couple on this big step, others wondered if purchasing a home together as an unmarried couple was wise. It’s a big financial commitment, after all.

Amir addressed these concerns with a cheeky “Stay tuned,” followed by a devil emoji. Is this his roundabout way of saying wedding bells are coming next?

It would certainly seem so, and it isn’t the first time he’s alluded to being ready to put a ring on it. During a panel at BravoCon 2023, he mentioned that he was working on “saving for a nice rock.”

It looks like the future is looking rosy for the happy couple.

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