Amerie Talks Upcoming Children’s Book, Calls Parenthood The “Greatest Thing” She’s Done

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It’s a calm, crisp February night, and R&B singer, scholar, and best-selling author, Amerie, has privately invited about 20 women — including writers, literary professionals, editors and more — to dinner to discuss her forthcoming picture book You Will Do Great Things.

Hardly aged, the “Why Can’t We Fall In Love” crooner‘s feathered tresses lightly brush against her shoulders as she dons a white mid-halter dress and natural makeup look. Bubbly, conversational, humorous, and unapologetically intellectual, the 43-year-old wife and mom of one commands the room with her grace.

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We’re eating in a private room above New York City’s Taralucci e Vino. After she enjoys a light salad followed by hearty roasted chicken, and an assortment of delectable desserts, the Afro-Korean beauty gets right into the inspiration behind her children’s book and what she feels has been her greatest accomplishment thus far.

Amerie children's book announcement
Amerie children's book announcement

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Amerie Unveils New Children’s Book ‘You Will Do Great Things’

“This book is for anyone who has kids, parents, anyone who has children in their lives,” she exclusively tells VIBE. “It’s a great book for graduates as well, but essentially, this has everything that I wanted to tell my son when he was born, which I think is a very universal thing.”

As music isn’t totally over for the former Columbia and Def Jam Recordings signee, authorship has been an evergreen feat for her over the past few years.

“The things that we want our children to know — letting them know all that we hope for them, and the belief that we have in them, and wanting them to know from the beginning — that we believe that they will do great things and that greatness lies within.”

When speaking about her own ventures she’s embarked on in her life, the book club leader reveals that she actually doesn’t feel like she’s done her greatest accomplishment yet.

“I think realizing my parents’ sacrifices and being able to see from their perspective—I think in general … growing to see from other people’s perspectives and to see through their eyes in various situations,” Amerie expresses. “I think I’ve become a lot more empathetic especially after becoming a parent, and that may be the greatest thing I’ve done so far.”

You Will Do Great Things will be published in March 2023 through the book publishing company MacMillan and is available for pre-order now.

Check out Amerie speaking on who inspired her children’s picture book above and her previous announcement about her book below.

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