‘America’s Next Top Model’ Returns With New Host Rita Ora and New Style

America’s Next Top Model premiered on Monday with a new host, new judges, and a new attitude. Tyra Banks left after 22 seasons and handed the runway reigns to British actress, singer, and model Rita Ora.

Ora said, “This competition is revamped. What I hope the girls learn is how to be a 25-year-old boss, like me. I know how to sell, I know how to create a brand, and I know how to have multiple business ventures.”

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She brought along a new panel of judges, including plus-size model Ashley Graham. Graham said, “I believe I’m living proof that there is no one standard of beauty anymore, and I don’t even really remember how many magazine covers I’ve been on now.”

Another interesting change to the show is the way the models learn that they’re being cut. The models are sent to a party with a doorman. If their name’s not on the list, they’re sent home. With the brutally entertaining elimination and the new judges, America’s Next Top Model is on our list to watch this season.

America’s Next Top Model airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on VH1.

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