All American star Samantha Logan unpacks Olivia's call for help

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the March 13 episode of All American, "Days Ones."

Coming off an episode from two weeks ago where we see Olivia's sobriety at risk, the latest All American is all about how Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) is handling her father's death. Being honest about how much struggling leads Olivia to calling on her entire village to help her through. The new episode this week follows as she spends the day with her friends and family as she makes a plan for getting through the grieving process with her sobriety intact. In the end, she decides it is time to bring back her podcast as a way to help others through her experiences.

We spoke to All American star Samantha Logan about Olivia's big episode, her costar Daniel Ezra directing, and what's ahead.

All American -- “Day Ones” -- Image Number: ALA513a_0314r -- Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Troy Harvey/The CW Samantha Logan stars as Olivia Baker in 'All American'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was your reaction to the script for this episode?

SAMANTHA LOGAN: I was definitely nervous. I felt this enormous responsibility to get it right. I was also excited to see where Daniel [Ezra] was going to help me take it. I knew it was going to be a tough episode for me and I knew he would help me get through it.

What is Daniel Ezra like as a director? 

I have to give Daniel his flowers because he's just incredible at anything he does. It's a dream for an actor to work with a director who gets it and can communicate like an actor. He's so detailed oriented and knows exactly what to say to help me get into the space I need to. He showed me all of his ideas and what he had planned, so I wasn't going into scenes blind. He preps really well and did a wonderful job.

What do you think Olivia calling everyone in says about where she is in her journey with her sobriety?

It shows her growth. When we first saw Olivia and her journey with addiction, she would run away. I think that's the nature fo the disease. It's complex and it's a long journey. She is finally at a point where she can't run anymore and has to face this head on. She knows she can't do it alone, so she reaches out to her community for help. It's so brave and a vulnerable thing to do, but it's a necessary step forward. I was especially proud of her.

What was the hardest scene for you from this episode?

The most difficult scene for me was when Olivia is asking for help. We see everybody come to the house and she's explaining the situation - that was the hardest for me. I had to do it a couple times and I was grateful to Daniel again because walked me through where I needed to be mentally and fine-tuned it so I could get through the words.

All American -- “Day Ones” -- Image Number: ALA513a_BTS_0554r -- Pictured (L - R): Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker -- Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Troy Harvey/The CW Daniel Ezra directing Samantha Logan on 'All American'

Spencer ends up taking Olivia to AA and they make a pitstop at a pop-up carnival. What was filming that scene like? 

It was a nice beat to breathe a little bit. There's a line in the episode where they are talking about the night Spencer got shot and he asks if Olivia remembers what he said. It's that he'd be there for her no matter what. [The scene] shows how strong their relationship and their connection to each other is. I always adore those scenes with Daniel because he makes you feel so safe in those moments.

What was it like to shoot the fun moment where everyone else finds out about Layla (Greta Onieogou) and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) being together?

I always said "how does Olivia not know?" because Olivia isn't dumb, but they hid it pretty well. It's funny.

I wasn't expecting for the news to be broken when the script came out. The moment in the bathroom at the beginning of the episode where she says she's happy is powerful. She loves them both and it's such a beautiful moment. It ties that storyline to Olivia's in an honest and sweet way. I like that [the scene where everyone finds out about their relationship] is a quiet moment because it didn't put too much weight on it.

Olivia and Spencer put their big conversation about them on hold. Do you think it's a matter of them having to do some work separately before they come together or is it something else?

Oh, boy. There's always something else. There's definitely a conversation that needs to be had, but they both have so much going on that it's hard to even think about it. It's not that they don't love each other, but because they're young and life gets in the way. At the end of the day, they'll always be there for each other regardless. Even if one of them wants to be happy in another situation if it means they're happy. They have unconditional love for each other.

All American airs Mondays at 8pm ET on The CW.

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