‘All American’ Star Michael Evans Behling Files For Divorce After SECRET 5-Month Marriage

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'All American' star Michael Evans Behling is pulling the plug on his marriage after only 5 months, except no one really knew he was married.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Behling filed for dissolution of marriage from his wife -- Madison Stanton -- after 4-5 months, depending on which one of them you believe. Michael claims the couple split in August, and she says it was a month later.

If you haven't seen the CW hit show, Michael plays quarterback Jordan Baker and is a huge part of the series. Of course, he is a stunningly handsome young man, leaving many to question his personal life. Until now...many believed he might have a girlfriend, but he was pretty quiet on the subject.

Michael Evans Behling Asks To Pay NO Spousal Support Following Secret Marriage

'All American' Star Michael Evans Behling Files For Divorce After SECRET 5-Month Marriage

In the legal filing, Behling says the couple married in April of 2021 -- and separated on September 5, 2021. The former couple has no children together.

Now, here is where the whole thing gets a bit tricky...

The actor is asking the court to deny the ability of his ex-wife to collect spousal support following the marriage. Of course, she is saying the exact opposite in her response, saying she should be paid monthly. The couple was only married for a few months, so it's unclear how much he might have to pay.

In the documents, Behling admits he is part of the cast of 'All American' and is pulling a healthy salary alongside another modeling "endorsement."

'All-American' Star Earned Almost A Million Dollars Working On Hit Show

'All American' Star Michael Evans Behling Files For Divorce After SECRET 5-Month Marriage

The 25-year-old star earned over $1.2 million between 2021-2022. A large chunk of that money was for his starring role in the high-school football drama alongside Taye Diggs. In a "profit and loss" statement shared in the divorce filing, Behling says he earned $838,726.08 as "acting income -- predominantly "All-American." The other $370,000 was brought in by an "American Eagle endorsement." According to reports, Michael Evans was a model before jumping into the acting business.

Interestingly, he is claiming sole and separate property for most of his other assets including a Mercedes AMG. Behling says his "Apartment furniture, TV, Computer, DY Rings" and other items are his property. Of course, he is claiming the 'All American' money and other businesses are also his and his alone.


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As we said, the marriage was largely secret -- and he reportedly only admitted during one interview in 2019 that he was "sadly off the market and is dating a girlfriend." Fans pointed out that he has not posted anything regarding the marriage or girlfriend on social media.

The actor reportedly grew up in Columbus, Indiana, and first thought about being an actor in high school after seeing Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight. BTW -- he DID play high school football! Behling started his career in Hollywood with advertising campaigns for Adidas and White Castle. He was cast as "Handsome Dude" on the Fox hit show 'Empire' before landing the CW series in 2018.

'All American' Star's Ex-Wife Is Asking For Spousal Support In Divorce

'All American' Star Michael Evans Behling Files For Divorce After SECRET 5-Month Marriage

Behling moved to Los Angeles in January of that year and began filming the show. Reports indicate that his finances were running so low, that he was sleeping on a friend's floor. Now, he is a successful actor and owns his own clothing company -- DesignedAt5AM. 

To be fair, we are guessing their families knew of the marriage, but the divorce case is ongoing.