Is American Nightmare Based on a True Story? Real Events, Facts & People

Image Credits: Netflix
Image Credits: Netflix

American Nightmare is a crime mystery TV series that revolves around Denise Huskins, a woman who gets kidnapped and later released. She and her boyfriend Aaron become victims of a home invasion, and the kidnapper drugs and ties them up. He takes Denise as hostage and leaves her boyfriend behind to ask for ransom. However, the media questions Denise and accuses her of staging the fiasco. So, is American Nightmare based on a true story, and can we expect to see any real events and facts in this thrilling crime show?

Is American Nightmare based on a true story?

Yes, American Nightmare is based on a true incident as it is a true crime docuseries that recalls the events of a home invasion in California. The book Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors served as the source material for the show and it was written by Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn themselves, along with Nicole Weisensee Egan.

The real-life case was quite baffling for people and became a national interest as it resembled the movie Gone Girl. Moreover, the authorities dismissed the case as it seemed like a hoax. However, Denise and Aaron’s story was taken seriously after the perpetrator was caught and sentenced to prison for 40 years. Denise and Aaron were reportedly mistreated and neglected by the Vallejo police department, for which they received their due settlements.

American Nightmare’s real events and facts explained

The show does justice to the real events that occurred in Denise and Aaron’s life, starting from March 23, 2015, when the two woke up at night and found a man standing inside their bedroom. The intruder was Matthew Muller, who had bipolar disorder and also served as a Marine before he turned to do this crime. He demanded $8500 from Aaron, who eventually reported it to the authorities. Due to the case having similarities with Gone Girl, most people assumed that their story was all make-believe. Until one day, when Denise was found stranded on a beach, 400 miles away from her home.

The real people behind American Nightmare’s characters

The main characters, Denise and Aaron are based on their real-life counterparts, who are professional physical therapists. After they went through the traumatic experience, the couple got married in 2018 and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. The two co-authored the book and shared their story with the world, but they still do not know why they were the only ones who were targeted by Matthew.

Is Denise Huskins a real person?

Yes, Denise Huskins is a real person and she was abducted by Matthew Muller on the night of March 23, 2015. Her captor held her as a hostage for two days and later dropped her off at the entrance of her mother’s house in Orange County.

Is Aaron Quinn a real person?

Aaron Quinn is Denise’s real-life husband, who was her boyfriend when the abduction occurred. After she was taken away, he called 911 and reported that he was drugged and tied by the intruder, and was only able to free himself the next morning. However, Aaron’s story was dismissed and ridiculed.

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