'American Idol' Top 3 Abi Carter, Jack Blocker and Will Moseley Share Their Strategy to Win

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Jack Blocker, Will Moseley, Abi Carter

Tonight, may be the most important night of Abi Carter, Jack Blocker and Will Moseley’s lives to date as the Top 3 perform for the final time on the American Idol stage. Each will perform twice: an upbeat number and a ballad and their mentor for the night will be Jon Bon Jovi.

In addition, they will also perform duets with guest artists, including Hootie and the Blowfish, New Kids on the Block, Jason Mraz, Wynonna Judd, CeCe Winans, Cody Johnson, Seal, James Bey, and Bishop Briggs, but those performances will not be critiqued by judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, who will also perform during the three-hour 2024 finale.

Then America will vote, and the new American Idol will be named.

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“I want to be myself,” Abi told Parade and a small group of reporters after the Top 5 performances when asked what her strategy is to win. “I think that with these past performances I’ve been having so much fun and I’m finding different parts of myself. I was not only doing it to prove to America that I could do it, but to myself. Because I didn’t know.”

Abi says that watching her fellow Idols like Triston Harper, who surprised everyone with the hip swiveling on Heartbreak Hotel, and Jack with his jazz hands, knocked some sense into her.

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“You’re like holy crap. Not for this competition, but for yourself as an artist if you’re going to make it, you must grow and you have to be open. I always thought that I was a terrible dancer, and I could never do choreography and I was a lost cause.”

But then Idol had a dance-theme and Abi rocked it on “The Chain” by the Fallout Boys.

So, bottom lining it, she said, “My strategy is honestly not a strategy, I’m just trying to be myself. I think that I’ve gone as far as I can and I’m going to take this as though it was a performance that I would do in my living room because that’s what I grew up doing. I sat at the piano and I sat in my bedroom, and I wrote songs. That’s what I want.”

One of the songs that Abi will be singing for the finale is her just released original single, “This Isn’t Over,” which tells a story about personal growth and becoming a stronger person, one who wishes to reach back in time and tell her younger self “This Isn’t Over.”

“I wrote it with a wonderful guy out here,” Abi said. “He’s a producer, his name is Sam Shreve. He lives not too far; he lives 20 minutes away [from the American Idol] studio. So, he’ll probably come to the finale.”


Jack is living his dream as he heads into the Top 3. He told a small group of reporters after the Top 7 performances, “I was just trying to think what myself a year ago would think about this. I don’t even think I’ve processed the fact that I auditioned for the show yet, much less that I’m in the finals. It’s a dream. I feel so blessed.”

Jack’s approach to earning America’s votes is to do what got him on the show in the first place, sing a couple of songs that he wrote himself.

One of those is his just-released single “All of Yours (To Give All of Mine).”

“All of Yours (To Give All of Mine)” is a tribute to his wife Georgia, who stuck by his side through life’s trying times. The effortlessly tuneful, self-penned song is a folk-tinged love story of the highest order: a toast to that sort of deep, truthful love only time and tribulation reveals.

Jack will also be singing “I Was Wrong,” the song he auditioned with that he wrote earlier this year.

“You could question my strategy because I did get cut by the judges in my audition originally, but I think it’ll be a cool full circle moment to get to sing that song again,” he said. “My strategy is to enjoy the heck out of it and have as much fun as I possibly can.”

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After so many theme nights on American Idol, Will’s plan, like Jack’s, is to get back to the music that got him his original Golden Ticket to Hollywood, songs that he wrote himself.

“I think for me the biggest thing is come back, get back center of the road,” he said. “After everything going on tonight [Will forgot the lyrics on his first song], get my head space back together, get everything lined up like I want it to go and just start preparing. I said this earlier, and they said, ‘What do you mean by that?’ I said, ‘I don’t even know yet. Always keep a trick up your sleeve.’ If there’s ever a time to pull a good trick out, the finale’s the time. I’ve got to figure out which trick I’m going to put up my sleeve before I can pull it out of there.”

As one of his two performances, Will be singing his original, just-released single Good Book Bad.”

“I did not write my single,” he said. “Three awesome guys out of Nashville wrote it. As soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the song. The story that they put out there, man, when they wrote that song my first question after I heard it was, ‘Why has no one else cut this song?’ It’s just one of those songs that everyone connects to. It tells the story of a young kid getting a DUI and his parents come and bail him out and take him to church. It’s called ‘Good Book Bad’ and it’s a reference to the Bible. It’s talking about his family telling him, ‘You need the good book bad. You need the Bible bad. You need to slow down. You find your way, you’re getting off track a little bit.’”

American Idol returns for the finale on Sunday, May 19 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC when the Top 3 will take the Idol stage for their final performances and then the winner of Season 7 on ABC will be revealed.

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