'American Housewife' Star Katy Mixon Accuses Ex-Nanny of Wearing Bikini During Work, Vomiting Everywhere

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'American Housewife' star Katy Mixon is firing back at her former nanny suing her, accusing the woman of wearing a bikini at work and vomiting in her home A LOT.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mixon is laying out her side of things in the court battle.

The actress filed a declaration blasting her ex-employee, Laree Hammer.

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She hired Hammer to take care of her newborn Elektra in May 2018. She was excited because she was “urgently in need of her help.”

Mixon adds, “I had a caesarian section to deliver Elektra that required six weeks of recovery, and I had to return to the set of my television show in July. We attempted to be as kind and accommodating to Laree as possible even though there were escalating problems with Laree’s performance and conduct.”


'American Housewife' Star Katy Mixon and Olympian Husband Sued by Ex-Nanny for Sexual Harassment

She says the problems included, “(1) making inappropriate comments to us, such as comments about my undergarments, (2) wearing inappropriate attire around our house such as two-piece bikinis, (3) divulging inappropriate information about her own personal problems and family issues, (4) sleeping in areas of the house where she should not have been sleeping, (5) failing to comply within the agreed schedule for her work by repeatedly requesting to leave early, (6) neglecting to pick up trash she left around the house”

Mixon continued, “(7) forgetting to flush her vomit in the toilets of the house nearly five different times, (8) watching television throughout the day, (9) constantly taking personal calls during work hours, (10) showing pictures of the previous child she cared for in violation of her prior non-disclosure agreement, (11) causing problems with other persons providing services to us, (12) lying to us about issues involving the care of Elektra, (13) being combative with us when confronted with problems, (14) failing to follow the feeding schedule for Elektra and not charting feedings, going on personal visits during times she agreed to be at the house, (16) revealing personal information about us, and (17) failing to log information about our baby into an app called “Baby Connect,” even though we asked her to do it multiple times.”

She claims, “We were informed that Laree shared intimate and private details about our lives with others and that she often spoke negatively about our family. We also know that Laree had been sharing our home address because people Laree knew visited Laree and brought food over to our home on more than one occasion.”

Mixon ends, “we decided to fire Laree after we watched video footage on our baby monitor of Laree neglecting Elektra in a mechanical sleep bassinet when Elektra was fully awake for a prolonged period of time. We fired Laree “for cause” on September 2, 2018.”

Back in July, Mixon and her husband Breaux Greer sued their former nanny, Laree Hammer.

They hired Hammer, a newborn care specialist, to take care of their daughter Elektra in 2018. The suit claimed 11 months after being fired Hammer came around demanding money.

The actress said Hammer was fired after seeing her being neglectful with her child.

Mixon accused her of having “concocted a series of harassment claims” to try to extort her. She also accused the nanny of wearing inappropriate clothes while working, left early regularly and broke their confidentiality agreement.

The lawsuit is seeking $100,000 in damages for breach of their non-disclosure agreement.

Hammer then filed her own lawsuit against Mixon and Greer, accusing him of sexual harassment.

In one instance, Hammer claims Greer asked her, "Don't you ever look at another man and think, 'I want that dick'?" She only makes one sexual harassment claim against Mixon, claiming the ABC star talked about having sex in the pool with Greer and that was where their daughter Electra was conceived.

Hammer is seeking $500,000 in compensatory damages, $150,000 in unpaid wages, and another $150,000 in labor law penalties.

Both cases are ongoing.