Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg? YouTube’s ‘Chicken Shop Date’ Host Is Going Viral for Celeb Interviews

Flirting with Andrew Garfield? Sign us up! Amelia Dimoldenberg became a household name thanks to her Chicken Shop Date YouTube series, but now the British star is rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's biggest stars on various red carpet events.

After starting Chicken Shop Date as a written column, the 28-year-old turned it into a video series that went viral. “It’s certainly an exaggeration of my personality,” she told British GQ in December 2022 of the interview series, which features her deadpan humor and sarcastic remarks.

Proving that she has the skills to interview actors, musicians and sports stars, Amelia has since been asked to host some major red carpet events, like the 2023 Golden Globes. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the star. 

Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

A British journalist from Westminster, England, who made a name for herself creating the Chicken Shop Date video series. Now, she's nabbing some major opportunities.

“I've just been busy and doing some really exciting things, but I feel like maybe I'm just living through it. I feel like I've been climbing uphill, and now I'm up to the top and I'm trying to just take in the view,” Amelia told British GQ. “I feel proud of myself for Chicken Shop Date getting to a place where it's more of a mainstream thing. I’ve always wanted it to be considered part of an artist or actor's promo run like Graham Norton or the Radio 1 Live Lounge.”

Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg? YouTube's 'Chicken Shop Date' Host Is Going Viral for Celeb Interviews
Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg? YouTube's 'Chicken Shop Date' Host Is Going Viral for Celeb Interviews

Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Single?

A part of her charm is that Amelia is super flirty with all of her interview subjects.

“I'm definitely a romantic person but I never really think about my wedding that much,” she told British GQ. “I think I'd like to be engaged, but maybe not get married. My parents only got married recently and they’ve been together for over 40 years. Maybe I just never thought of marriage as being a necessity because of that.”

While details about her love life are unknown, some fans are "shipping" her with Under the Banner of Heaven star Andrew following their first meeting at the GQ Men of the Year event in November 2022. "You're great. I think you're great," he told her. "Of course I've seen all your Chicken Shop things!"

At the time, Amelia made a formal request to have Andrew on the show. While he's yet to make an appearance, the duo crossed paths once again on the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet. "I only ever want to see you in these kinds of situations," the Social Network actor told her this time around. Amelia, for her part, made the actor sign a Best Friend Certificate.

Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Still Hosting 'Chicken Shop Date'?

Longtime fans of the show know that Amelia only plans to end the show after going on a date with Drake.

“I much prefer to wait and make it right. Especially if I want to end it, it has to be in London," the host explained to British GQ. "My ambitions are much larger than [Chicken Shop Date] and I need to ensure that it's not going to go on forever. The shop must close down at some point.”