Amber Rose says ex Kanye West has ‘bullied’ her since 2010 breakup: ‘10 years later, just leave me alone’

Suzy Byrne
·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
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There is no love lost between exes Amber Rose and Kanye West.

The actress, model and Slutwalk activist was asked about her rapper ex during a wide-ranging interview on the No Jumper podcast and she said he’s been bullying her publicly since their 2010 breakup.

Host Adam22 wondered if Rose being around West during their two-year relationship allowed her to soak up some of his confidence — which she’s been exhibiting with her OnlyFans audience and her answer was “no. I didn’t soak up anything from him. Me and him are two very different people.”

Rapper Kanye West poses with Amber Rose while arriving at the BET Awards '09 in Los Angeles June 28, 2009.   REUTERS/Phil McCarten          (UNITED STATES ENTERTAINMENT)
Kanye West and Amber Rose, pictured at the 2009 BET Awards, are not friendly exes — and she says that's on him. (Photo: REUTERS/Phil McCarten)

She continued, “I’m a compassionate person. I have empathy. I’m a good person,” implying her ex, now married to Kim Kardashian, doesn’t. “You can’t really mention anyone that says anything really bad about me — except for him. Because I got away. I’m not like him — at all. I didn’t get anything from him.”

Rose had been a stripper prior to wading into the Hollywood waters, getting together with West in 2008 and becoming famous. But since their split, he’s constantly said mean things about her. Recently, at his infamous July presidential campaign rally in South Carolina, he compared her to “prostitute” Mary Magdalene. In 2015, West infamously said he had to take “30 showers” after dating Rose.

“That’s what narcissists do,” Rose said. “You spend two years with someone. You take them around the world. You buy them all the jewelry. You shout-out how much you love them ... and then the person decides this isn’t what they want their life to be. I opted out... I don’t know if he says things to make his wife more comfortable, but to slut-shame me and say you needed ‘30 showers’? It’s like, ‘Bro. Took me around the world. Since when do you need 30 showers?”

As for dissing her in his campaign speech, Rose said, “He just called me a prostitute... Ten years later, just leave me alone. I don’t bother you.”

Rose, who’s newly married to music exec Alexander Edwards, said she’s been offered book deals for a West tell-all, but she’s not “vindictive,” adding, "That wouldn't make me happy. Even if somebody is picking on me, which he has for 10 years. He has picked on me. He has bullied me for 10 years."

She said she’s not concerned about him amid his erratic behavior and public outbursts (he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017), saying that is Kardashian’s problem. However, she could see how West would be a Trump supporter.

“I don’t personally care what he does,” said Rose, who noted that she’s not the one bringing him up in her interviews. “He’s just an ex boyfriend to me. But I can see why he loves Trump. They’re twinsies. They’re literally the same person.”

Asked what she meant by that — and whether’s referring to the “narcissism” — she answered “They’re just the same person. There’s things Trump says and I’m like: Oh, my god — that’s Kanye. That is him. So he probably sees himself in Trump and that’s why he supports him, I’m assuming.”

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