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This ergonomic snow shovel can help reduce injury — and it's on sale for just $20

This "Amazon's Choice" snow shovel has earned 15,000+ 5-star reviews — here's why.

split screen of Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 18-Inch Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel and man shovelling snow
This unique snow shovel has earned 22,000+ reviews on Amazon Canada — here's why (Photos via Amazon)

While many parts of the country have recently experienced spring-like temperatures, winter hasn't finished with us just yet. More snow is on the way — and with it comes the inevitable task of shovelling.

Researchers have found that the physical strain of removing snow can trigger serious health incidents like heart attacks, in addition to slips & falls and back injuries.

So, what can you do to stay safe this winter while keeping your driveway and walkway clear of ice and snow? Aside from maintaining proper form, one way to lessen your risk of injuries is to swap out your traditional shovel for something designed to reduce strain.

One option Amazon Canada reviewers count on is the Snow Joe 18-Inch Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shove — and right now, it's on sale.

Snow Joe 18-Inch Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 18-Inch Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel with black plastic bottom and blue poles
Snow Joe 18-Inch Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

$20 $24 at Amazon

The details

The Snow Joe Shovelution is designed to help you “shovel smarter, not harder” by reducing the amount of effort it takes for you to clear your driveway.

The shovel features a wide 18-inch shatter-resistant polypropylene blade and ergonomically-designed D-ring handles.

The smaller of the two handles is spring-loaded to help reduce the strain of shovelling snow by 30 per cent so you can “lift more and throw farther.”

Plus, the Snow Joe shovel weighs in at less than four pounds, so it's easy to maneuver and store.

'Definitely less strain on my back'

The Snow Joe shovel has earned a solid 4.3-star rating based on nearly 23,000 reviews. Shoppers say it's "lightweight" and a "pleasant surprise" for days when the snow is piling up.

"It saved me from back pain," one shopper said, adding that it was "much easier to throw snow."

“I’ve been using it for two Nova Scotia winters,” said another.

Others say that the shovel “works well” in relieving the amount of “bending and stress” on your back and shoulders after a snowfall.

There is "definitely less strain on my back" when using the extra handle to "help lift and move the snow," echoes another shopper.

man in blue jacket shovelling snow outside of house
The Shovelution by Snow Joe features two handles to help prevent strain on your back. (Image via Amazon Canada)

$20 $24 at Amazon

While some shoppers have noted that the spring handle feels “weird to use at first,” many others agree that it makes lifting heavy snow “easy breezy.”

While the Shovelution's reviews are mostly positive, some shoppers have said that if there's hard packed snow, it can be difficult to cut through to the ground, since the shovel is so light.

Additionally, others have said that since the Snow Joe isn't as large as traditional shovels, you aren't able to lift much snow at once — however, that seems to be the point of the product. The shovel is designed to make shovelling easier on your body and avoid over-lifting.


Shovelling snow can feel like an upper body workout nobody asked for. If you don't want to invest in a snowblower or hire someone to clean your walkway, a good old shovel is the best way to go. The Shovelution from Snow Joe is a great way to save your back and prevent injury this winter, while keeping your pathway or driveway clear for you and your family.

However, if you're looking for a heavy shovel, this might not be for you. The polypropylene makes this shovel incredibly lightweight— ideal for people seeking to avoid back strain.

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