Amazon’s Kindle 2022 Is Lighter, Brighter and Lasts Longer Than its Predecessor

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Amazon’s starter Kindle gets a remake, and it’s brighter, lighter and holds more e-books than before. Pre-orders are open now and the item ships on October 12, so make sure to snag your e-reader just in time for the gifting season.

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The new Kindle 2022 has a 6-inch 300 PPI display — in comparison, the 2019 Kindle had a 167 ppi display, so the newest model is almost two times brighter. It’s also significantly lighter, weighing just about 158 grams.

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The latest Kindle also gets a storage upgrade, now holding 16GB worth of books. This stacks up really well with the Kindle Paperwhite, which also boasts up to 16GB of storage. Battery life runs a full six weeks according thr brand on the lowest settings, and a full charge can be achieved in just two hours. This means never having to worry about carrying your Kindle charger when you go on vacation.

Other features include four LED front lights and a completely glare-free display. And, the new 11th gen Kindle is even available in a blue denim shade for the first time. Pre-order now, the Kindle 2022 releases October 12.

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