Amazon’s Fallout TV Show Renewed for Season 2

Fallout TV Show Season 2
Fallout TV Show Season 2
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Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show was released last week and the positive reaction from critics and viewers has meant the show has been renewed for season 2. Few other details were given at the time, but viewers will be expecting the return of Vault Dweller Lucy, Brotherhood of Steel Squire Maximus, Ghoul bounty hunter Cooper Howard, and Dogmeat.

Where Fallout TV show fits in with the games

Season 1 of the Fallout TV show exists within the canon of the games but features an original story based around the new location of Vault 33. Set in the year 2296, more than 200 years after the Great War of 2077, the show takes place after the events of all of the Fallout games released so far. As a comparison, Fallout 4 was set in 2287.

The Fallout TV show tells the story of Vault Dweller Lucy who leaves her home in Vault 33 to search the wastelands of Los Angeles for her father, overseer Hank MacLean, who has been kidnapped. She meets a variety of other characters along the way, including Brotherhood of Steel Squire Maximus and Ghoul bounty hunter Cooper Howard, each of which have their own motives for being in the wastelands.

The first season of the show also has severe implications for a well-known location, as well as revealing the truth behind the events leading up to The Great War and the fate of the Vault-Tec Corporation. As such, season 1 and the future season 2 will have implications for the storyline of Fallout 5.

In reality, as Fallout 5 isn’t due to be released until after The Elder Scrolls VI, and the latter isn’t likely to appear until at least 2026, we could have several seasons’ worth of events affecting the next game in the franchise.

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