Amazon’s Echo Auto sale puts Alexa in any car for $25, the lowest price of 2021

Amazon’s greatest creation might not be an online marketplace or a nationwide distribution network. It might actually be Alexa, which so many people can’t imagine life without. People love Alexa so much in their homes because there are endless “skills” that Amazon’s virtual personal assistant can handle. But then they obviously lose access to all their Echo speakers when they go leave the house since none of Amazon’s Echo speakers are portable anymore.

It goes without saying that Amazon is obviously well aware of that limitation. That’s exactly why the company created the Echo Auto, which gives you hands-free access to Alexa in your car while you drive.

Most people out there no longer view Alexa as a luxury. Instead, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant is a necessity these days and I can’t even remember what life was like before I had Alexa to do my bidding. Alexa turns the lights on and off for me, it shows me who’s at my front door thanks to a Ring Video Doorbell and an Echo Show, it makes my coffee in the morning, and it even arms my alarm system at night. I’m so used to having the ability to speak commands to Alexa that I have definitely caught myself doing it once or twice when I wasn’t even within range of an Echo speaker. Oops!

The only problem with all this reliance on Alexa is that it’s not easily accessible once I leave my house. Or at least, that used to be the case before I got my hands on one of Amazon’s best Alexa smart devices. It’s called the Echo Auto, and it’s basically an Echo Dot for your car. It gives you hands-free access to all the Alexa skills you love, and it plays Alexa’s voice or streaming music through your car’s speakers.

It’s a must-have for anyone who uses Alexa, and it’s on sale right now for just $24.99 instead of $50. That’s a gigantic 50% discount and it’s the lowest price of 2021 by a wide margin.

Here’s some of the important info from the Amazon page:

  • Your voice is in the driver’s seat: Just ask Alexa to play music, continue your Audible audiobook, check your calendar, find nearby businesses, or make calls. With 8 microphones, Echo Auto even hears you over road noise. Echo Auto starts up in seconds, works through your car speakers, and uses your existing smartphone plan.

  • How does Echo Aut work? Echo Auto connects to Alexa through your phone’s Alexa app and plays through your car’s speakers via auxiliary input or your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. Each time you start your car make sure your phone’s volume is up and set your car stereo to the correct input. Then say “Alexa”—wait for the chime—and ask.

  • Hands-free news and entertainment: Echo Auto uses the Alexa app to access your favorite content. Just ask Alexa to play a song, genre, artist, or station from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and more. With TuneIn and iHeartRadio, listen to local radio stations or thousands more from around the world. With Audible, listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks. Plus, stream podcasts, listen to the news, or keep the whole car entertained with games like Jeopardy!, 20 Questions, and more.

  • Make the most of your drive: Update to-do lists, set reminders, or check calendars while your eyes stay on the road. Just ask for directions and Alexa connects to supported apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze on your phone. Alexa can even help you make calls, drop In on compatible Echo devices at home, or send an Announcement that you’re on your way.

  • Alexa has skills: With tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter. Skills are like apps and let you play road trip games like HeadsUp!, find the cheapest gas with GasBuddy, get help parking with ParkWhiz or ParkBob, or even get roadside assistance with Nationwide or

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