‘The Amazing Race 36’ episode 2 recap: Who was eliminated in ‘Trust But Verify’? [LIVE BLOG]

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Tonight on “The Amazing Race,” teams continue the megaleg in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where they must choose between detours that get them ready for a fiesta. This episode titled “Trust But Verify” airs Wednesday, March 20 9:30-11:00pm ET/PT on CBS. Phil Keoghan hosts.

Here are the teams still in contention: Amber & Vinny (dating), Angie & Danny (mother/son), Anthony & Bailey (twin brothers), Chris & Mary (father/daughter), Derek & Shelisa (married), Juan & Shane (best friends), Kishori & Karishma (cousins), Michelle & Sean (married), Ricky & Cesar (dating), Rod & Leticia (married), Sunny & Elizabeth (best friends) and Yvonne & Melissa (dating).

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Follow are full live blog recap below.

9:30 p.m. — Previously, on “The Amazing Race”! In the season 36 premiere, 13 new teams embarked on the journey of a lifetime in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Married couple Rod & Leticia finished first, but were sent back out on the race when Phil informed them it was a megaleg. Siblings Maya & Rohan hit the pit stop last after a series of unfortunate events and became the first team eliminated from the race. Let’s find out who wins this first megaleg!

9:40 p.m. — Rod & Leticia begin this leg in first place, heading to Iguana Bridge to find their next clue. Ricky & Cesar are right on their heels followed by Derek and Shelisa. Rod & Leticia reach the clue box first and it’s a Detour. In “Balloon Collection,” each team will pick up balloons for a fiesta through the tight corners of the craft market. In “Color Correction,” teams must search through a sea of color for a string of 10 flags that has a color sequence that doesn’t match the others. Both Rod & Leticia and Ricky & Cesar choose “Balloon Collection,” but it seems as though the boys misread the clue. They’re collecting one batch of balloons for each color while Rod & Leticia collect two — as instructed. How long will it take for Ricky & Cesar to realize they have to go back and collect them all over again? Yikes!

9:45 p.m. — It didn’t take too long for Ricky & Cesar to spot Rod & Leticia and realize they each had a set of balloons. Back they go to collect more. It doesn’t seem like it cost them TOO much time. Meanwhile, Derek & Shelisa can’t find the bridge and are wasting precious time. As they run into Ricky & Cesar, the boys refuse to help them and won’t let them know how to find the Iguana Bridge. Lesson learned and there will be no help reciprocated in the future if they ever need it. Rod & Leticia finish this Detour first and will now head to Lazaro Cardenas Park to find their next clue. Meanwhile, Derek & Shelisa did end up finding Iguana Bridge, followed by Juan & Shane. Both duos choose to collect balloons.

9:50 p.m. — Rod & Leticia and Ricky & Cesar are still neck-and-neck when they reach the Roadblock. In “Who Has a Skeleton in the Closet?” one team member must paint their teammate’s face with sugar skull makeup. In the middle of the pack, Sunny & Elizabeth are the first team to choose the “Color Correction” Detour, so we’ll see if that pays off or puts them further back on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Michelle & Sean are completely off track and can’t find the Iguana Bridge. They’ve been passed by a couple teams, but aren’t in last place yet.

10:05 p.m. — After Leticia completes Rod’s makeup, they’re instructed run to the next Pit Stop. That was fast! After back-to-back exhausting legs, they’ll finally be able to rest when they reach Casa Kimberly. But will they be able to outrun Ricky & Cesar once again? The last team to check in will be eliminated. Sunny & Elizabeth continue to be the only team working on the “Color Correction” Detour and they’re realizing why nobody else chose it. It’s a mentally frustrating task while everyone else is just running around collecting balloons. Meanwhile, Michelle & Sean have finally found the clue box. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong one! They’ve completely missed the Detour and start working on the Roadblock, which could very likely kill their chances of surviving this week. Over at the paint station, Shelisa is struggling to paint Derek’s face because he’s sweating so profusely that the makeup is running down his face. He looks like “a hot mess.”

10:20 p.m. — Rod & Leticia reach the Pit Stop and as the winner’s of this leg they’ve won a five-night trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Ricky & Cesar show up right behind them in second place. See the full results of this week’s leg below. In the back of the pack, Kishori & Karishma have now just made the same mistake Michelle & Sean did. They missed the Iguana Bridge Detour completely and instead open the Roadblock clue. Then, in a hilarious twist of fate, they walk up on Michelle & Sean and ask, “Is this the Iguana Bridge”? The response? “Yep, you’re in the right place.” Wow! Two teams in complete disarray. It will be fun to see how this plays out. Skeptical they’re in the right place, Kishori & Karishma ask Juan & Shane if this is the first task they’ve completed. Shane tells them there was a prior Detour. Both Kishori & Karishma and Michelle & Sean are now in complete panic mode, realizing they are in fact NOT on Iguana Bridge. Off they go!

10:30 p.m. — Amber & Vinny have reached the Detour and are relieved to discover they’ve gone from last place to 9th. Next to the bridge — all at the same time — are Chris & Mary, Kishori & Karishma and Michelle & Sean. It could be a tight battle for last place. Meanwhile, Sunny & Elizabeth have STILL not finished their Detour, as the only couple to choose “Color Correction.” That was obviously a huge mistake. Will any of these last three teams choose that as well? Yes. Tired of running, Chris & Mary and Kishori & Karishma head to the “Color Correction” Detour and Michelle & Sean (wisely) go their own way and do “Balloon Collection.”

10:45 p.m. — Sunny & Elizabeth have finally figured out this “Color Correction” Detour and head to the Roadblock in 9th place. At this point, both Chris & Mary and Kishori & Karishma decide to switch Detours and collect balloons, meaning Sunny & Elizabeth are the only team to successfully complete this Detour. It looked awful. Meanwhile, Michael & Sean finish collecting their balloons and clearly made the right decision. Now Chris & Mary are battling it out with Kishori & Karishma for last place. Chris isn’t feeling well and has to take a break so he and Mary sit down for awhile. I have to say, Mary is very patient compared to many other racers I’ve seen with their parents in the past. She’s completely understanding that he needs to slow down and is more concerned about his well-being (and that he doesn’t throw up on her). Chris eventually feels better and they carry on.

11:00 p.m. — The Pit Stop happens to be under a bridge at a house that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Get this — Anthony & Bailey don’t know who Elizabeth Taylor is and ask a local to Google it for them. Wow! They ask a woman of a certain age who laughs at them and just points them in the right direction. Meanwhile, panic strikes Angie & Danny when Angie gets sick from the heat and has to lay down while getting her makeup done. Even though she has to lay down, Danny continues painting her face. They eventually get it done and thanks to their superior navigation skills pass Amber & Vinny and Anthony & Bailey. More teams roll in and finish this leg, but it’s Chris & Mary who just can’t make it in time. The father/daughter duo has officially been eliminated from the race.

Leg 2 results:

1. Rod & Leticia
2. Ricky & Cesar
3. Derek & Shelisa
4. Juan & Shane
5. Yvonne & Melissa
6. Angie & Danny
7. Amber & Vinny
8. Anthony & Bailey
9. Sunny & Elizabeth
10. Kishori & Karishma
11. Michelle & Sean
12. Chris & Mary (eliminated)

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