Amanda Knox & Lorena Bobbitt Team Up For True Crime Festival, Fans React

Amanda Knox and Lorena Bobbitt Gallo will appear together at an upcoming true crime festival and fans aren't ready.

The two once imprisoned stars will meet up to give audience members insight to their feelings on the justice system and being the target of sensational headlines in the media.


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Knox made the announcement on her social media Wednesday and praised Bobbitt Gallo.

"I'm so excited to take the stage with a woman who has survived and transcended an abusive husband, tabloid exploitation, and the casual cruelty of an entire nation," she wrote.

"Lorena Gallo is an inspiration, and we're going to talk about everything we have in common," Knox added.

The Festival:

For $25 (!!!) fans can hear the tales of the two women, whose trials made International news.

The event takes place in Washington, DC at Lisner Auditorium on November 10, and Twitter is blowing up with true crime enthusiasts.


"You had me at 'everything else we have in common," wrote one fan.

"The great lorena bobbitt???" another person tweeted.

Instagram is Poppin:

Amanda Knox's IG followers are losing their minds over this duo.

"Omg. I can't wait," one fan wrote. "This is so awesome! Can't wait!!!" said another.

A U.K. fan is even hoping to start a petition to get the girls overseas.

Lorena Bobbitt Gallo:

Lorena Bobbitt Gallo made headlines in the early '90s after severing her husband John's penis.

She went on trial and accused him of raping her the night of the alleged incident.

Jurors found her not guilty due to insanity and she was ordered to undergo a 45-day evaluation at a mental health facility.

Amanda Knox:

Amanda Knox was on trial for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while she was studying abroad in Italy.

Unlike Bobbitt, she was found guilty of faking a break-in, defamation, sexual violence, and murder in 2019, and sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Knox, who was labeled "Foxy Knoxy" by the press, was eventually acquitted and is now engaged.