Amanda Kloots Shares Scenes from Christmas Celebration with Son Elvis and Family: 'Greatest Gift'

Amanda Kloots Elvis Christmas
Amanda Kloots Elvis Christmas
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Amanda Kloots/Instagram (2)

Amanda Kloots is celebrating Christmas with a very happy little one.

On Sunday, The Talk co-host, 40, shared scenes from her holiday with son Elvis Eduardo, 3, as the pair enjoyed the festive day surrounded by family.

The Kloots' celebrated the holiday at Montage Palmetto Bluff, a resort in Bluffton, South Carolina, where the fitness instructor noted she and her family last stayed for Christmas in 2019.

In an adorable video shared on Instagram, each member of the dancer's family comes down a staircase to perform a signature move, including Elvis who adorably twirls around at the bottom of the stairs.

"Merry Christmas to you and yours! ❤️, The Kloots Family 🎄," Kloots and sister Anna captioned their joint post.

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In another later post showing moments from her holiday, Kloots wrote, "The greatest gift is spending time with the people you love!"

Elvis recently joined his mom with a special cameo in the CBS holiday television movie Fit For Christmas, where she told PEOPLE he was a "pro" on set.

"It was insane. He had one little line and we were practicing it and the first take, he nailed it. [He] did it perfect," the proud mom shared.

Despite her toddler acting like he's ready for his first Emmy Award, she's hoping to keep him off camera at least for a little while.

"I was like, 'No more for you,' " Kloots joked. "I will encourage him to do whatever he wants to do. As long as he is happy and fulfilled in life, I will support him. I just want him to be a happy little boy."

Amanda Kloots Elvis Christmas
Amanda Kloots Elvis Christmas

Amanda Kloots/Instagram

Kloots and her late husband Nick Cordero married in New York City in 2017 and relocated to Los Angeles at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 when their son was just 9 months old. The Broadway actor passed away in July 2020 from COVID-19.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Kloots said she's trying her best to talk to her son about his late dad, but she's struggling to find the right words.

"There's no way to prepare yourself," she shared. "There's just no way, so I can't. I can't even think about it."

She also admitted that Elvis recently started to ask heartbreaking questions about where his father is. Amanda Kloots/Instagram Amanda Kloots/Instagram

Amanda Kloots/Instagram

"That started in September," Kloots said. "September was a very hard month for me. It's back to school, it's back to work, it's Nick's birthday and it's our anniversary. It was literally one thing after another. I was not my best self in September."

The Fit For Christmas co-writer and star was so lost with what to say to her toddler that she couldn't help but shed some tears.

"Elvis started asking questions and it started with, 'Why doesn't daddy live with us?' " Kloots said. "That was not easy. I broke down immediately. I was changing his diaper. We were getting ready for bed, and every night I have him hold this pillow of Nick and I say, 'Tell Dada about your day,' while I change his diaper and it's so cute. Sometimes he just tells him about school or I'll say, 'Tell him what you had for dinner.'"

"He talks to Nick and holds his pillow, kisses and hugs him a little bit, and then he said that, so I just bawled," recalled Kloots. "I had no game plan for this because I had no idea when it would come."