Amanda Bynes Resurfaces On Social Media With A New Face Tattoo

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Lynne Versluys
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Amanda Bynes Has A New Face Tattoo After Sober Journey

Amanda Bynes Appears To Have A New Face Tattoo After Leaving A Sober Facility

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Back On Social Media

Amanda Bynes surprised fans when she showed up on Instagram in September, and while the account is still unverified, she tweeted about it from her verified Twitter, so it seems to be legit.

Bynes posted a new photo on Instagram late Monday night, and she appeared to be sporting a new tattoo of a heart on her cheek. This new look comes a few weeks after Entertainment Tonight reported that Bynes had checked herself out of a sober living facility and was living with her parents.

How Is She Doing?

In January, Bynes had suffered a relapse in her sobriety and consequently checked herself into the living facility. Her attorney, Tamar Arminak, explained the situation in April:

"I will tell you she's doing remarkably well under the circumstances. This time around she realized herself after the recent PAPER Magazine interview and spread that she really wasn't feeling like herself all of [a] sudden and that she wanted to address that. She wanted to address it right away before going back into show business and exploring show business again. And it was her decision and her choice to address the situation, seek treatment which I think is an incredibly mature way of handling this type of thing."

In Her Own Words

Bynes appeared on the cover of PAPER magazine in 2018, giving a candid and engaging interview about her drug use and her struggle to get sober and find a new career path. She sounded optimistic at the time, saying:

"I think that's kind of how I go about [life] now — like, what's there to lose? I have no fear of the future. I've been through the worst and came out the other end and survived it so I just feel like it's only up from here."

Will She Return To Acting?

Despite all of her struggles, Bynes is remembered as a charismatic and compelling actress, so many are curious if she will ever transition from fashion school back to television or film. Arminak explained that she is still taking the time to focus on her well-being back in April.

"Amanda is doing great, working on herself, and taking some well-deserved time off to focus on her well-being after graduating FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising] in December. She's spending time reading and exercising, sketching for her new line and mostly making sure this time around she puts her needs first."

Now that Bynes has left the treatment facility, let's hope she continues to get the help that she needs. We're rooting for you, Amanda!