Amanda Bynes Has No Plan To Discuss Her Mental Health Struggles On Her New Podcast

Instagram; MEGA
Instagram; MEGA
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Former child star Amanda Bynes is seemingly putting the past far behind her as her recently launched podcast will not feature talks on her mental health struggles and career.

Recall that Bynes was placed on a series of 5150 psychiatric hold earlier this year after she was seen roaming the streets naked and another time when she called the cops on herself.

With the launch of her podcast, fans had relished the idea she'd share her struggles with them, but the actress revealed she had no plans to.

Amanda Bynes Does Not Want To Address Her Mental Health Struggles On New Podcast

Amanda Bynes
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

According to TMZ, the former child star has declared her mental health struggles off-limits for discussion on her new podcast with co-host Paul Sieminski.

Bynes and Sieminski recently released the first episode of their latest media venture, "Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast," which featured L.A.-based tattoo artist Dahlia Moth.

She notably didn't talk much about herself as many had expected, given her history of mental health struggle, but she has now revealed it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The "All That" actress told the news outlet that the podcast is about the guests that join her and Sieminski on the show, noting that it's their careers, personal lives, and fun stories they find more interesting.

Bynes previously revealed the podcast will focus on discussions about various aspects of the entertainment industry, including "fashion, artists, actors, actresses, music, and everything else."

Amanda Bynes Discusses Face Tattoos On The Podcast

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Her mental health struggles and career may be staying off-mic, but that doesn't prevent the actress from sharing her takes on issues she wants to.

In the premiere episode of "Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast," Bynes shared her reservations on the issues of face tattoos.

"Nobody cares anymore if people have face tattoos. It shouldn't matter," the former actress shared.

At the time, the "Hairspray" star took to Instagram to announce the launch of her podcast. She shared a photo of herself, her co-host Sieminski, and their guest Dahlia Moth sitting on a couch together and posing with peace signs.

"First episode of Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast done," she wrote in the caption. "Thank you @dahliamoth!"

Many fans took to the comment section of her post to share their excitement about her latest venture. Some took the opportunity to share how good it felt to see and hear from her again, while others rated the flag-off episode very highly.

She Was Placed On 5150 Psychiatric Holds

Amanda Bynes is not inspired by Britney Spears
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

It comes after the former Nickelodeon star was placed on a series of 5150 psychiatric holds as she endured a challenging phase with her mental health earlier this year.

She sparked worry amongst fans in March after she was seen wandering the streets aimlessly and even hitchhiking from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Sources told the news outlet that they believed she had been on the street for several days before she was found naked, and she was subsequently placed on a psychiatric hold at the time.

Bynes felt better as a source told the Daily Mail that she "left the medical facility on her own recognizance," adding that she was "very cooperative and participated in her recovery" and that "the staff supported her decision to leave as she had successfully completed the treatment program."

Again, in June, she was placed back on 5150 psychiatric hold after she called the cops on herself, claiming she felt she could harm herself. Authorities considered her "a danger to herself and others" and had to check her in for treatments.

Amanda Bynes' Broken Relationship Contributed To Her Mental Health Challenge

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The source who spoke to the Daily Mail after Bynes' first psychiatric hold went on to reveal that her breakup with her former fiancé, Paul Michael, caused her a great amount of stress and affected her mental health.

The former partners were reportedly "codependent on each other," however, their relationship gradually became "toxic, due in part, to the fact that they met in rehab" and "substituted their addiction to substances for an addiction to each other."

The insider noted that the actress's loved ones "believe that her split was a catalyst in her breakdown and that he is not a healthy and safe person for her to be around," adding that she was advised to stay away from him.